Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 27, 2010

VaAirah – And I Appeared

The famous Ten Plagues begin in this week’s Torah Reading.  Starting by attacking the Nile River, the main idol of Egypt, we have the Plague of Blood followed by the Plague of Frogs.  (Blood represents heat 98.6 – Frogs represent cold – as is their body temperature).

There is a great amount of symbolism associated with the Nile River ‘idol’ concept.  The Nile River, to the  Egyptian’s way of thinking, represented survival.  If the waters did not overflow, they would go without food.  Their lives depended on the Nile River, so they thought and believed – but really their lives depended on the Creator of the Nile River.

Similarly, we often overlook the real source of our own livelihood and sustenance.  We become excited, hot blooded, about various physical aspects – ignoring the spiritual.  We become indifferent, cold blooded, to various personal aspects – again ignoring the spiritual.

We need to know the proper way to channel our energy and activities.  When it comes to doing a Mitzvah, a good deed, we need to get excited – hot blooded and not cold.   When it comes to doing something negative, we need to ‘turn a cold shoulder’ to the activity rather than to be ‘hot to trot’.

This attitude leads to our attachment to our Creator and the ultimate Redemption from our Egypt, exile.


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