Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 13, 2010

VaYichee – And He Lived

This Friday is the 10th of Teves, a day set aside as a fast day.  It was on this day that the Babylonian King, Nebudchadnetzar, began the seige of Jerusalem.  Thus this day marks the beginning of the exile of the Jewish nation.

It is interesting to note that this date falls out on the week we read the Parsha of VaYichee.  In this Torah reading, we read about the passing of Yakov Aveenu, our fore father.  This marks the first part of the beginning of the exile of the Jewish nation in Egypt.  It would later intensify as Yoseph would die and then increase even further as the last of the sons of Yakov would die as time went on.

Yakov’s burial in Israel was a sign that just as he was was returned to Israel, so too would the Jewish nation, in Egypt, return to Israel.

Of further interest, Yoseph and Levy did not carry the coffin that Yakov was in.  This job was delegated to Menashe and Efraim, Yoseph’s two sons.  There are various questions asked why Yoseph and Levy did not physically carry the coffin along with their other brothers.  There are various answers given.  Perhaps one thought would be that Yoseph, when he died would be buried in Egypt and not Israel, as was Yakov.  It would be Moshe, the Levite, who would carry Yoseph out of Egypt – but Moshe alas would not be able to bury Yoseph in Israel as Moshe too would be buried outside Israel, on Har Navo.  The ultimate exile will end when finally Moshe, the Levite, returns and enters Israel and becomes part of the program connected to the 3rd Beit Hamikdosh, which is connected to Yakov, the 3rd of the Avot – the three fathers of Israel.  Our job, to connect to Moshe, the giver of the Torah and the leader concerned about the welfare of his Jewish brothers and sisters.  We do this by learning and helping our fellow Jews.i


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