Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 29, 2010

Meekaitz – The End

The Torah reading that falls out during Chanuka this year is Meekaitz.  It begins with the famous two dreams of Pharoh which are later interpreted by Yoseph.  Yoseph was actually in prison and brought out specifically to help Pharoh understand his dreams.  Thus the imprisonment of Yoseph ended – which the word Meekaitz implies.  The lighting of the Menorah in the Beit Hamikdosh, after defeating the Greeks, also represented the end (Kaitz) of the Greek influence and the victory of the pure olive oil (Torah philosophy).

The Torah calls what Pharoh experienced, dreams (Cholom), the same word (Cholom) describing what Yoseph previously experienced.  The interpretations of Yoseph’s dreams were very upbeat – he would be a leader and his brothers and parents would bow to him.  The interpretation of Pharoh’s dreams were tragic – especially the birth of 7 daughters for Pharoh followed by the death of 7  of Pharoh’s daughters (interpretation of Pharoh’s advisers).  Yoseph’s interpretation of the 7 years of plenty followed by the terrible 7 years of famine was also frightening.  Picture yourself having a dream of 7 fat cows being eaten by 7 starving cows.  We would call that a nightmare and not a dream in the English language, yet the Torah makes no distinction in word choice (Cholom) for Yoseph’s pleasant dreams and Pharoh’s nightmares (Cholom).  An easy answer could be that Pharoh’s nightmares were the cause of Yoseph’s end of prison (Kaitz) and elevation to greatness – fulfilling Yoseph’s positive dreams.  But perhaps even the dark side for the specific person has some positive value.  Pharoh did gain a fantastic advisor as an outcome of his nightmares. Thus (Cholom) dream depicts the end result.  We also gained later in life the happy holiday of Chanuka after the nightmare of the Greeks.  May we further experience the end of the exile (Kaitz) so that these almost two thousand years without the Beit Hamikdosh and our wanderings/sufferings should be like a positive dream (Cholom) – not nightmare.


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