Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 8, 2010

VaYaitzai – And He Went Out

This week’s Torah reading will cover the remaining two Matriarchs of Israel, Rochel and Leah.

Leah was the eldest and rumor had it, she was destined to marry the older twin of Yakov, which was Esav.  She walked around looking depressed at such an outcome.  Her younger sister, Rochel, rumor had it she was destined to marry the younger twin, Yakov.  She walked around looking radiant.

When Yakov and Rochel first met by the well that watered the flock, there was heavy ‘electricity’ in the air. (Please note: Rivka also met Eliezer, the ‘matchmaker’ for Yitzchak also at a well, Moshe will meet his future wife at a well – this implies that marriage is connected to water – a Mikvah is an essential requirement in a Jewish marriage).  Yakov concluded their first encounter crying,  prophetically knowing that Rochel would not end up being buried with him, even though it was for a good reason.

Yakov was prepared to work 7 years for the hand of Rochel.  He was tricked, married Leah and ended up working another 7 years to pay off the commitment he gave to Lavan, the father, after marrying Rochel a week later. (We learn here about the 7 days of Sheva Brochos for the bride – only afterwards does Yakov marry Rochel). (A Total of 14 years to marry the woman he loves – wow).

Rochel made the big sacrifice by giving her older sister, Leah, the code – so Yakov would think Leah was Rochel at the marriage ceremony.  Thus Leah was saved being possibly humiliated.  Leah also made the big sacrifice by praying that her 7th child be a female, (Deena) so that her sister, Rochel, would have the same amount of males, (2), that the maidservants had and not less.  Thus Rochel would not feel humiliated.  The Mothers of Israel were thoughtful, considerate and willing to sacrifice to avoid embarrassing and humiliating another person.


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