Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 1, 2010

Toldos – Generations

This Shabbos we will bless the month of Kislev, the miracle month of Chanukah, and read a special portion from the prophets, (Machar Chodesh), the unique friendship that Jonathan, the son of King Saul, had with David, the future King of Israel.  Jonathan risks his life to protect David, knowing that in so doing he, Jonathan, is allowing David to become King rather than himself as the son of King Saul.  This is the type of friendship that is constantly referred to in later times.

In contrast, in this week’s Torah reading, Toldos, we find two brothers, twins, who should be so attached and concerned for each other – yet this is not the case.  One twin is filled with hatred seeking to kill his twin brother.  We are talking about Yakov and Esav.  Esav has a flaw in his emotional development – he hates his brother.  He hides this hatred during the lifetime of his father, Yitzchak.  Yitzchak is ‘blind’ to this evil in his first born son, only his wife, Rivka, picked up on it.

Rivka is the second Matriarch of the Jewish Nation.  She recognized the greatness in Yakov and worked behind the scenes to preserve his birthright and to actually save his life.  Rivka instructs Yakov in how to receive the special blessings from Yitzchak and shortly later, how to flee from Esav, to her family.  In so doing, she secured the future Jewish Nation.  It is interesting to note that in the story of Chanukah, (again noting it occurs in the month of Kislev that we bless this Shabbos), the Jewish mothers worked behind the scenes to motivate the Jewish men to resist the Greeks, thus preserving the Jewish tradition.  Some women even gave their lives, as in the story of Chana and her 7 children.  Rivka set the tone for the future Jewish mothers of Israel to preserve and protect their Jewish children and heritage.


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