Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 18, 2010

VaYayra – And He Appeared

This week’s Torah reading contains some very beautiful Mitzvot (commandments – that were carried out).  The first we encounter is the Mitzvah of Bikur Choleem – Visiting the Sick).  The Al-mighty waits for the 3rd day, (proper for non-relatives, although it could be argued that the Al-mighty is a relative) to visit Avraham after his circumcision.  Avraham was in great pain.  (You try circumcising yourself without a local anesthetic at that age and see how you feel on the 3rd day – not recommended).  In the midst of the visit to make Avraham feel better, Avraham excuses himself and tells the Al-mighty that there are 3 guests that need his attention.  Avraham leaves to fulfill the wonderful Mitzvah of Hachnosot Orcheem – Hospitality to Guests.  So great is this Mitzvah that it overrides the visit Avraham had with the Al-mighty.

The question is well known, “How come Avraham served the 3 guests milk & meat when he kept the commandments of the Torah – even though they were not yet given”?  There are many answers given, but a simple logical response (also given) is that the milk and dairy were served first as that took little time and allowed the guests to have something to eat and drink right away while the tongue was being prepared which took an hour approximately, from slaughtering the calves and broiling the tongues.   One is permitted to have milk and with a pause and a good rinse of the mouth, one may eat meat (hard cheese – aged 6 months is a different story).  Some do wait an hour before eating meat after milk.  Thus it was okay what Avraham did serving milk  then later followed by meat.  We see that it is a good idea to first give the guests something to eat right away and then followed by the deluxe delicacy meal.


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