Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 11, 2010

Lech Lecha – You Just Go

This week’s Torah reading is called Lech Licha – ” Go for Yourself”.  It is a vital Parsha (section) in that Avraham is selected as the chosen and promised the land of Israel. (And so the problems in the Middle East began).  Actually, in the same Parsah there is indeed a war between the 4 kings and the 5 kings, a total of 9 nations. ( Historians should note that the Jewish nation was not the cause for that war either).  But Avraham did get involved later to rescue his nephew Lot from the victorious 4 kings, which Avraham had to defeat to accomplish the rescue.  Even then Avraham had to publicly announce that he would take no spoils from his victory.  (He was concerned that the UN or perhaps CNN might complain that Avraham benefitted financially from the war and money was his true motivation – so thus he announced openly to all the people that he would take nothing and left only with the freedom of his nephew Lot). It is hard to imagine the problem even existed then.

The Torah reading concludes with the special Mitzvah (commandment) given to the Jewish people, circumcision – and the changing of the names of Avram to Avraham and Sarii to Sarah.  The change of names emphasizes the change in spiritual growth in both Avraham and Sarah.

The circumcision reflects a special bond with the Al-mighty that defies logic.  Thus the bond begins on the 8th day of the (healthy) baby boy – certainly before the baby has any understanding.  Thus our connection to our Creator defies logic and indeed there are commandments that are referred to as Chukeem – laws that have no reason – that we as Jews fulfill.  This is a standard of faith that we commit ourselves to at an early age.  “You Just Go” – and do the will of the Al-mighty.

Perhaps with this commandment of circumcision we can understand or explain one further point in the Torah reading of last week, Noach.  As Jews, we have 3 special signs and at least 2 are constantly with us to sort of be witnesses to our commitment to the Al-mighty.  The 1st is Tefillin, the black boxes that we wear 6 days a week as a sign of our bond to the Al-mighty.  The 2nd is the Sabbath, the 7th day of creation, again a sign of our bond to the Al-mighty, and finally the circumcision on the 8th day as a sign of our bond with the Al-mighty.

The building of a Tzohar, something to bring light into the ark – symbolizing bringing light into the world, appears in the 8th sentence in the Torah reading of Noach.  This may point out that our upbringing and education should be dedicated to bringing light into the world beginning at a very early age.  This will ultimately bring back the original light the Al-mighty created and concealed for the future when the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt.


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