Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 4, 2010

Noach – Light in Stormy ‘Weather’

This week’s Torah  reading is Noach – the story of the flood.  Mankind had reached such a stage in life that the Al-mighty found it necessary to destroy almost the entire population and to purify the earth.

Last week we talked about our responsibility to bring or create light in the world through our positive actions.  It is interesting to note that “Let there be Light” was the first saying and it is found in the 3rd sentence in the Torah.  The first saying teaches us the priority level.  The fact that it is found in the 3rd sentence may reflect that on day 3 the Al-mighty said “It was Good” twice to emphasize that it was good for both heaven and earth.  Also note int the 3rd sentence it also says “Let there be Light” twice, perhaps also for both heaven and earth.  Indeed our good deeds affect and bring light into both worlds.

In this Torah reading of the flood and building the ark, Noach is given instructions to build a Tzohar for the ark.  There are a variety of meanings given to the word Tzohar, a window, a special shiny stone – something to provide the ark with light. (How about hydro electricity?)  The bottom line is that the world was in a state of darkness and destruction during those 40 days and nights of rain – not a gentle rain.  The living world was in the ark.  The responsibility is to make a Tzohar – type of light – in the world one find’s oneself in.  It is part of the process of being saved from any form of ‘flood’ or darkness.  No matter what environment we are in that is our mandate and that is how we will survive.

Please note: Kee Ner Mitztvah ViTorah Ohr – The Good Deed is the Candle and The Torah is the Light. This is how we bring light into both worlds so that the Al-mighty can indeed say It was Good – twice.

How can I end without again letting the reader hear the entertaining Bill Cosby on Noah and The Ark.

Click here to listen to Bill Cosby’s Noah.  (Stick with it until the end, it is in 3 parts)


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