Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 27, 2010

Braishees – In the Beginning

As mentioned in the previous post, in the Torah reading of Vizos Habracha, there is little time to examine in detail probably the most difficult portion in the Torah, the Creation of the World including Mankind.  One thing we can focus on is the perhaps the first day, Yom Rishon – Day 1.  On Day 1 the Al-mighty said Yihee Or – “Let there be Light” and there was light.  In some ways our job is to imitate the Al-mighty.  Thus from Day 1 are responsibility is to “create light” by doing what is right and proper in each of our daily actions and activities.  Each and every positive thing we do sheds or brings light into the world.  Our activities and actions impact on others as well.  By doing what is right and correct we show the way for others, who may be in the dark, the proper action to take or proper way to conduct their daily life.

Again, there is this connection with Succos, Simchas Torah and Vizos Habracha to Braishees.  We live a full week of Emunah, faith by being in the Succa – remembering the special housing that the Al-mighty provided (air conditioned by the way – what happened to my Succa?) (Also note in Russia and other northern areas heating would be a good idea – but we did not spend 40 years wandering through Siberia – Boruch Hashem).  This is followed by Simchas Torah, dancing with the words the Al-mighty gave over to Moshe to write down and then the special blessings that Moshe gave in Vizos Habracha, to the Jewish Nation.  We are fully charged and ready to start anew to bring light into the world with our daily actions and begin the process of creation, creating a beautiful world filled with all that is good leading to the ultimate level of the world to come with all its blessings.


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