Posted by: mosesfromsinai | September 13, 2010

Ha’azeenu – “Give Ear” (Ouch)

The Torah reading Ha’azeenu = “Give Ear” is the last weekly portion read on Shabbos.  The final portion, Vizos Habracha – “This is the Blessing”  is read on Shmeenee Atzeres – Simchas Torah.  Ha’azeenu is also often read on Shabbos Shuva, the Shabbos before Yom Kippur, as is the case this year.  It is a special song, which is recommended to learn by heart. (good for the businessman).  It was sung by Moshe (look out American Idol), before the Jewish nation enter Israel and just before Moshe will pass away on Mt. Navo.  Thus it was meant to have a powerful impact on the Jewish Nation.

The song contains very powerful ‘threats’ if we do not follow the Torah and very powerful and beautiful promises if we do the commandments in the land promised to us.  This is a very appropriate portion for Shabbos Shuva, the concept, to return to the correct path in life. Each verse is filled with interpretation, either for the good or for the negative.  Our actions can have a similar impact in life.  This song is certainly a reminder that we should try to select the action that will produce the positive result and thus the blessings that come with it.

We enter a New Year with a song that is filled with blessings.  Let us live up to our abilities and reap the ultimate rewards as described in the song.  This is the year 5771.  In Psalm 71, King David (again look out American Idol – he played a mean harp and composed 150 songs) mentions that he was drawn from his mother’s womb.  The word King David uses is Gozee, which has various translations. One is drawn, another is cut and the Talmud translates the word to mean that he was given an oath.  Each one of us is given an oath while in our mother’s womb, to be righteous and not be wicked.  This is the oath we must live up to.

Wishing everyone a Sweet New Year and a Speedy Redemption so that we can enjoy all the blessings contained in the Torah reading of Ha’azeenu.


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