Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 30, 2010

Nitzaveem – Vayailach – Standing in the Future

This weeks Torah portion, read before Rosh Hashana, is Nitzaveem – “Standing”.  (Standing for judgment on Rosh Hashana) and Vayailach.  The Torah tells us that the covenant was made with those standing before Moses and with those that will stand in the future.  The Torah is binding on all of us at all times and at all places.  This is a very powerful statement.  Further the rewards and punishments are also applicable at all times and at all places as outlined in the Torah.

We often hear the rational that “I was not there” or “It was so long ago” and therefore not relevant.  Netzaveem tells us that the covenant is relevant and forget your “rational” argument.  One simple comment – our survival throughout the period of time is also not rational, especially given the persecution we have faced over the many generations and different cultures and countries in power trying to destroy us.

We are standing and we will continue to stand, tall and proud to be the Al-mighty’s chosen, chosen to fulfill His covenant, the laws given to us.  There are different reasons given for the connection of this Torah reading, Nitzaveem and the previous Torah reading, Kee Tavo, “When you will come” (to the promised land).  Perhaps a further reason may be that by standing tall and firm in our commitment to the covenant, to the Al-mighty’s laws we will come to the “Promised Land”, all of Jerusalem and its Holy Temple.  A nice thought as we enter the New Year.  May it be quickly fulfilled.


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