Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 23, 2010

Key Savo – Milk & Honey

This week’s Torah Reading is called Key Savo, “When You Will Come” (to the land of Israel).  One of the often repeated phrases describing the beauty of Israel is the saying, ‘a land flowing with milk & honey’.  (Perhaps we would have hoped for a land flowing with oil – like some of our Arab neighbors.)

The previous Torah Reading, Kee TaiTzai – “When you will go out” contained the concept of battle.  The battles, in the physical sense, acquired the land.  There is the concept of battle in the spiritual sense as well.  This we all known in our day to day life.  We are constantly faced with decisions, honest and good decisions to make.  It is indeed a constant battle.  However, there is a reward for choosing the proper action and conduct, often felt as self satisfaction – “I did what was right”.  Yes, sometimes there are the physical rewards that go with it.

Milk and honey are the bi-products of the cow and the bee.  As a side note, one may have thought that both would be prohibited to consume as a Jew.  The milk could have been classified as “Aiver Meen Ha Chi” – “A Part of a Live Animal” which we are not allowed to eat and the honey as a bi-product of a forbidden insect, the bee.  Here the Torah lets us know that both are permitted.

When we work hard – battle to overcome our negative attitudes and actions, we take possession of the ‘land’ and the fruits that come with it. We are also rewarded with the ‘Milk’ & ‘Honey’ – the bi- products of our facing and overcoming our difficult challenges in life – the  forbidden objects and activities.

Let us all enjoy our well earned ‘Milk & Honey” in the promised land with all its blessings.


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