Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 16, 2010

Key Taitzai – The Battle

In this week’s Torah Reading, Key Taitzai – “When you go Out” (to battle), there are numerous Positive and Negative commands.  The actual count is 27 Positive commands and 47 Negative commands, for a total of 74 commandments.  Which is more than 10% of all the commandments in one Torah Reading ( There are 613 biblical commandments).

Among the Positive commandments is the obligation (Mitzvah) to return a lost object.  This is one commandment we are happy to have when we are on the receiving end.  You lost your purse or wallet, driver’s license, credit cards, social security card, green card, passport and so on, and oh yes, money which for many is the least concern at that point.  Just replacing all those cards is a tremendous headache.  The credit cards we probably cancel right away, given the society we live in, unfortunately.  How happy and excited we are when we get that call, “I found your purse or wallet.”

On a spiritual plain we also have an obligation.  This is slightly a different take.  The Al-mighty has His children and yes, some are unfortunately lost.  They have no clue as to who they are and how they are connected to their ‘Father’, the Creator of the World.  When we meet such a person, we have an obligation to try to return that person to the rightful ‘Owner’.  This is part of the concept of outreach.  Each of us has an obligation to reach out to our fellow “lost” Jew and gently attempt to restore proper ‘Ownership’.  We should not ‘hide’ our eyes and pass by.  We should take the lost object (person) in and do the best we can to see the unification of Owner (The Al-mighty) and object (His child – the lost Jew).  At times this is not an easy Mitzva, commandment, but that does not mean we are exempt.

By our reaching out to help return the lost object, the Jewish ‘child’, this will motivate the Al-mighty to return all His children to the Holy Land and the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh, our Holy Temple.


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