Posted by: mosesfromsinai | August 2, 2010

Ri’Ai – See Kosher

This week’s Torah reading is called Ri’Ai – “See”.  It begins with the Al-mighty announcing that the Jewish nation should ‘see’ the blessings they receive when listening to the commandments and the reverse when not listening.

The Torah reading also contains a repeat of the Kosher animals, birds, fish, etc., that are permitted to be eaten.  The Al-mighty gives us ways to determine which may be eaten and which may not be eaten by signs or activities that the various species have or do.  It is always amazing to recount that Moshe was shown each type of animal that the Al-mighty created, yes, including the kangaroo way down in Australia.  The Torah specifically listed only 4 types of animals that have only the 1 sign of being kosher.  This required Moshe seeing all the animals that existed in the world including the kangaroo.

In our every day of eating we are required to see what is kosher.  This is a very important lesson in how to conduct our daily lives.  Each day, each action or activity needs to be examined to see that it is ‘kosher’,  There are signs to help us, such as one good deed leads to another and the reverse if it is not good. Blessings come from eating and doing the ‘kosher’ thing in life.  In our every moment we need to be occupied in ‘seeing’ that we do what is ‘kosher’ – proper in life.  It is this lifestyle that will provide blessings to us and our families until we all merit the ultimate blessing, the coming of Moshiach and the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh.


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