Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 26, 2010

Aikev – Overcoming

This week’s Torah reading is called Aikev – “The Heel”.  It is given this name because there is a tendency to ‘step’ (not to do) those commandments that seem unimportant.  They sort of get stepped on by the ‘heel’.  The Torah tells us that they are also important and should be observed.

In the same Torah reading we are also told of not being frightened when facing, apparently, insurmountable odds.  Though are enemies, obstacles, may seem insurmountable we can overcome them.  This is actually in some way connected to the concept of Aikev, heel.  What we must always do is take a step forward, put one foot in front of the other and march on.  Whether that is to perform a simple, ‘minor’ commandment, or whether that is to confront an apparent insurmountable enemy or obstacle.

Judaism stresses action, in both, when it comes to doing good deeds and when it comes to fighting negative aspects.   In each scenario we might abstain, the good deed because it seems unimportant, and the negative aspect because it seems impossible to overcome.  Moshe instructs us, that the Al-mighty wants us to take a step forward and the ‘minor’ good deed will be done and the insurmountable enemy, obstacle, will be overcome.

At present, we are in the final moments of Exile.  There are times when it may appear extremely dark.  We need to keep taking a step forward during this Ikvesa D’Moshiach, “The Heel of the Messianic Era” – ‘the final lap’.  The Torah reading, Aikev carries the key to succeeding in this final lap.  Let us not ignore the ‘minor’ commandments and let us not be frightened or detoured by the apparently insurmountable enemies or obstacles.  Take that Aikev – heel and march forward.  The Al-mighty will bless us each step of the way until the ultimate blessing has been achieved speedily in our days.



  1. Thanks Doctor T. 🙂

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