Posted by: mosesfromsinai | July 19, 2010

Vaeschanan – Plead

This week’s Torah reading is Vaeschanan, “And I pleaded”.  Moshe pleaded with the Al-mighty for a variety of items.  This first one being to be able to enter the land of Israel – denied.  There were others, some he was able to receive, such as seeing the entire land of Israel.

We all have our times when we plead to the Al-mighty.  Sometimes they are individual, personal pleas and at other times they are community or national pleas.  This week, Tuesday, the 3rd day of the week, when the Al-mighty said “Kee Tov” – “It was good” twice – referring to what was created on day 3, is Tisha B’Av – the 9th of Av.  On this day we fast and mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple and our exile.  We certainly will plea to the Al-mighty to end our exile and send the Righteous Redeemer to be instrumental in building our 3rd Beis Hamikdosh.  Certainly then it will be openly “Good for Heaven” and Good for Creation” as implied by the repetition of “Kee Tov” – “It was Good” on Tuesday, the 3rd day of Creation.

The Torah reading continues to stress the Fifth Book’s topic, which is Emunah, faith.  Moshe wishes to instill in the people an everlasting Emunah so that in the future they will continue to follow in the path of Torah no mater where or in what circumstances the children of Israel will find themselves in.

The Rambam, in his Principles of Faith, lists the belief, with complete faith in the coming of the Righteous Redeemer even though he delays, we believe each day with complete faith.

There are programs being held all around the world this week stressing the concept of Emunah – Faith during these dark times of the final days of Exile.  Let us hope and “Plead” that these dark days come to a final end with the ultimate Redemption during this Torah reading of ” Vaeschanan” -“And I Pleaded” –  (We all will plead) for the 3rd Beit Hamikdosh,when on the 3rd day it will be visibly, doubly good for Heaven and Earth.


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