Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 28, 2010

Pinchas – A Zealot

This week’s Torah reading is Pinchas.  It begins with Pinchas being rewarded for his unique character of being a zealot.  Pinchas acted in a very aggressive nature against a prince among the tribe of Shimon.  The nation had seen how Zimri, a prince from the tribe of Shimon had conducted himself with his immoral behavior.  The people were stunned and did not know how to respond.  Pinchas remembered the law that Moshe had taught that in certain situations a zealot can act in a very aggressive nature and even kill someone for such a public exhibition of a variety of transgressions.

What is perhaps unique may be that Moshe’s number one student, Yehoshua, the future leader of the Jewish nation, did also not recall the law.  This is obvious, because had he recalled the law, Yehoshua would have certainly gone into action as a future leader and proven warrior.

It is therefore clear than the Al-mighty was providing Pinchas with an opportunity to claim his place in Jewish history as a Cohen and later as Eliyahu Hanavi, the famous prophet that did not die, is present at every circumcision and Pesach Seder  and will participate in ushering in the Messianic era.  Wow this is quite a package.

It took great courage for Pinchas to respond in such a manner.  Indeed, later we see the resentment that was present amongst the Jewish nation and in particular the tribe of Shimon.  Pinchas, was well aware of how many Jews would react.  This, however, did not deter him from acting in the way Moshe had given over the law.  Pinchas is a zealot for the Al-mighty and His Torah.   For this he is greatly rewarded.

In our own lives we often face “walls” that may seem to inhibit our Jewish values and practices.  We need to learn from Pinchas and react.  By reacting in a zealous way the “walls” will come tumbling down, including the final “wall” that will lead to the ultimate redemption and the building of the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh.


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