Posted by: mosesfromsinai | June 7, 2010

Korach – Negative Vibes

This week we read the Parsha of Korach, the story where Moshe and Aaron are challenged by Korach and his cohorts.  This makes the 3rd Parsha that has a negative vibe for its title.  First there is Bamidbar, In The Desert, which depicts the concept of exile as opposed to being in Israel which symbolizes redemption.  Then just this past week, the title was Shelach, again a negative vibe is emitted because it reflects the story of sending the 12 spies out which led to the continued stay in the Midbar – desert – or exile for 40 years.  Now we read the negative event of Moshe and Aaron being challenged.  This is another Parsha with a negative vibe title.

Perhaps this is part of the lesson.  When we are in the Midbar. the desert, the exile, there are negative vibes which unfortunately translate into negative events that occur.  It would appear that in order to overcome these negative situations a greater amount of Emunah faith needs to be displayed.  Note Yehushua and Calev,both saying that whatever the situation is, the Bnai Yisroel would be able to overcome it.  The remaining 10 spies did not feel that way.

With Korach, he and his cohorts lacked faith in their leader Moshe.  Judaism requires a level of faith in the leadership, especially given what Moshe had done thus far.  Hopefully as we approach the month of Tamuz we can, with renewed faith, rectify what needs to be still corrected and soon we can all experience the building of the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh.



  1. Let me know when there’s positive vibes 🙂

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