Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 17, 2010

Naso – Again Uplifting

This week’s Torah portion is Naso which begins with the continuation of counting the Levites involved in carrying the Temple and related objects in the desert when they traveled.  We also read about the special connection the leaders of each tribe had to the process.  They were the ones who contributed the wagons and animals to transport the Temple and the related objects.  The leaders of each tribe also provided the sacrifices each day for  the Temple inauguration.  We are told by the commentaries that the leaders of each tribe had a special and unique role in Egypt.  When the Egyptians demanded work quotas and they were not met, they asked that the Jews in charge should hand out punishment to their people for not fulfilling the daily work quotas.  The leaders of each tribe refused and they were punished instead.  This was a unique form of bravery and leadership.  it was clear that each tribe would have great respect for their leader.  The Jewish tribal leaders were proven men with integrity and strength.  These were leaders that each member could feel proud of.

In supporting a Temple, the resting place of the Divine Presence, it requires a strong level of harmony and integrity.  The leaders of the tribes provided this.  In our time we need our leaders to have the strength and integrity to absorb the worldly affliction that is cast upon the Jewish nation.  They have to stand firm in protecting the Jewish people from harm regardless of whom it may offend.  With this form of leadership, once again the Divine Presence will rest upon the Jewish nation through the building of the 3rd and final Beis Hamikdosh (Holy Temple).

This week we again experience the Revelation of Sinai, the giving of the Ten Commandments.  May we also merit the ultimate revelation of the Final Redemption.


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