Posted by: mosesfromsinai | May 3, 2010

Behar-Bechukosai – Totality

This week, we again have a double portion and conclude the book of Vayikra, the third book of the Torah.  The famous commentator, Rashi, points out that the laws of the Sabbatical year, Shmeeta, were given in totality at Mount Sinai.  Thus we do not find the commandment to rest the land on the 7th year repeated in the Torah again in the fifth book.  Rashi states that just as the commandment of  Shmeeta was given with all the ins and outs, so too, were all the commandments given to Moshe with all the specific nuances.

Thus we now can finally understand why Moshe was up the mountain with the Al-mighty for so many days.  He was absorbing all the commandments with their specific requirements.  Given that there are 613 commandments, it is obvious that it would take some time to learn and absorb all the specific rules for each one.

Moshe also had an obligation to instruct the Jewish nation in such a way that it was like a clear, set table.  This was not an easy task.  We know that at times it is very difficult to explain a certain concept.  Moshe was called upon to present the commandments in a clear and precise manner encompassing all the very specific details of each commandment.

We have an obligation to learn clearly our responsibilities as defined by the Torah.  The Jewish nation was blessed to have 40 years of learning with Moshe to master the laws of the Torah.  We are approaching the Yom Tov of Shavuous where we all stood to receive the Torah.   As we conclude this third book let us take with the idea of purity and commitment to learning and fulfilling the commandments incumbent upon us from the Torah.


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