Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 19, 2010

Acharay Mos – Kidosheem – Harsh Advice

Once again this week’s Torah reading is a double portion, Acharay Mos-Kidosheem.  The Torah mentions the death of Aaron’s  two sons when instruction on how things are to be done in the Beis Hamikdosh are given.  The consequence of doing the wrong thing can be death as seen by the two sons of Aaron.  The famous commentator, Rashi brings down the example of two doctors advising their patient.  One indicates that if you do not follow instructions the result will not be good. The other doctor just gives over what to do and leaves out the repercussions.  Rashi points out that the doctor who spelled out the end result if you do not follow his directions makes a greater impression on the patient and he is more likely to follow the doctor’s advice.

We just left a Torah portion that deals with evil gossip, Loshan Hara.  A very nasty form of hurting someone, almost death-like.   Our function is to be Kidosheem, a holy people.  If on occasion we have to give harsh advice to achieve this goal than so be it.  We may be literally saving lives.

Let us work hard to have all our actions reflect an Am Kodesh – a Holy Nation.


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