Posted by: mosesfromsinai | April 15, 2010

Tazreeah/Metzorah – Belonging

This week is a double portion, Tazriah/Metzorah.  It contains the unusual case of leprosy which, during the holy times when we had our Temple, someone who spoke Loshan Harah, evil gossip, broke out in a skin disease.  This skin disease required that the person be removed from the community and placed in sort of isolation.

It is common to find friendly type people who like to belong so they talk, but unfortunately, sometimes the words are of a negative nature about a certain individual.  It is like a ‘put down’ of another person so that the person speaking comes off as special and certainly better than the individual being gossiped about.

The Torah says this type of person needs to be isolated from the community until he changes – the leprosy goes away.

Negative gossipers brings so much discord to a community.  The Torah understood that the way to help the community was to remove the individual.  In some ways the person who speaks Loshan Horah, evil gossip, is indeed a sick person.

In this month of Iyar, may the Al-mighty send out cures to those that are in need.


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