Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 15, 2010

Vayeekra – The Dessert Sacrifice

This week’s Torah reading starts a new book, the 3rd called Vayeekra – literally meaning “And He Called”.  This refers to the Al-mighty calling to Moshe in a most positive way.   This let’s us know that the Al-mighty had a special level of communication with Moshe.  Moshe is instructed on the various voluntary sacrifices that an individual could bring.

For many, animal sacrifices in our time is hard to relate to.  To the animal rights activists, it would seem barbaric, of course to many of them, abortion on demand is fine – we would not want to deny the woman’s free choice.  The poor animal, being sacrificed has no choice. (Oh by the way, to the animal rights activists, neither does the unborn living baby).

When our 3rd Temple will be back here on earth we will again have animal sacrifices.  Hopefully, we still might be able to celebrate Pesach in the fullest way, with the Passover sacrifice, in addition to the Matzah and Marror.

In simplistic terms we can all relate to the concept of sacrifice.  Each one of us makes various daily sacrifices with our time, our mind, our body and our energy.  During the course of a 24 hour day we are called upon, or volunteer to make various sacrifices.  (Kosher sacrifices).

The famous commentator Rashi, brings down the concept of a “Kaitz” sacrifice – “the “dessert” of the Mizbe’ach  (Alter).  This was a communal voluntary offering that came from the extra funds that were acquired by the sale of blemished sin-offerings and guilt-offerings.  The “dessert” sacrifice was done when there were no other sacrifices being brought.

It is interesting to hear that a sacrifice is compared to “dessert” or described as “dessert”.  The dessert is generally something very special at the end of a meal.  This lets us know that our voluntary actions can be very special to the Al-mighty – to be called “dessert”.  Indeed, when we give of ourselves, we literally sacrifice ourselves, in time, or body or mind and soul we are offering a “dessert” to the Al-mighty.

Hopefully we may all celebrate the main course with the building of our 3rd Temple.


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