Posted by: mosesfromsinai | March 8, 2010

Vayakhale-Pikudai – To Include Everyone

This week’s Torah reading is a double portion.  During the years when there is no Adar II, (additional month in a Jewish leap  year), it is quite common to have a few double portions.  Basically the Torah reading is a summary of the previous 3 Torah portions, which deal with the building of the Mishkan, the equipment in the Mishkan and the clothes worn by the Cohanim and the Cohen Gadol.

The Torah does mention the two main people involved in the process.  First there is Betzalel, son of Uri son of Chur, from the tribe of Yehuda and then there is Oholeeav, son of Achisamach, from the tribe of Dan.

Betzalel is linked back to his grandfather,Chur, who is Miriam’s son, Moshe’s nephew.  However, the Torah makes it clear that this was no case of nepotism by stating that the nation knew that the Al-mighty personally requested Betzalel.  Why was Betzalel personally requested?  The answer may very well be connected to why the Torah mentions who Betzalel’s grandfather was, Chur.

The commandment to build the Mishkan was given right after Yom Kippur, when Moshe came down with the 2nd set of Tablets.  This was a sign that the Jewish Nation was forgiven and the Al-mighty was willing to, once again – so to speak – dwell in the midst of the Jewish Nation.  Thus He needed a nice home – the Mishkan.

The reason the Al-mighty originally left – so to speak – was due to the building and worshiping of the Golden Calf.  During that tragic episode, Chur, Moshe’s nephew and Miriam’s son, tried to stop the people from sinning.  He was killed.  It is certainly justice and appropriate to have his grandson, be responsible for the building of the Mishkan, the “home” which the Al-mighty would dwell in – so to speak.

This brings us the second person involved, Oholeeav, son of Achisamach, from the tribe of Dan.  Chur came from the princely tribe of Yehuda, the tribe that kings would come from.  In contrast, Oholeeav came from the lowly tribe of Dan, one of Yakov’s maidservants.  Often we think that only the greatest should be involved in special projects.  At times this may be true.  However, when it comes to the Mishkan, to build a dwelling place for the Al-mighty – so to speak, everyone can be and should be involved.  Each and every individual Jew, from the person on the highest spot on the totem pole to the person on the lowest spot, each can contribute and each should, to build a dwelling place for the Al-mighty.  That is each and everyone’s responsibility.  It is not something that we should or can pass on to someone higher on the totem pole.  Each one of us has to carry out our given mandate, to help build a permanent dwelling place here on earth for the Al-mighty.  This will be, hopefully. shortly revealed through the building of the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh.


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