Posted by: mosesfromsinai | January 11, 2010

VaAira – Awaiting Redemption

This week’s Parsha begins  with the Al-mighty rebuking Moshe for what Moshe complained about in the end of the previous Parsha, Shemos.  Moshe complained saying that rather than redeeming the Jewish nation, the Al-mighty has made it worse by sending Moshe to Paroh.    The Al-mighty has told Moshe that He will now carry out His promise that He gave the Avos, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yakov that the Jewish people would be enslaved in Egypt but would be made into a great nation and redeemed.  During the Al-mighty’s communication with the Avos He tells Moshe that He used the names Kale Shakai, (really ale –  like beer and sha – as in be quiet in Yiddish and dai,  but we avoid pronouncing it that way and substitute with a K and also in the spelling).  These names of the Al-mighty represent the future commitment but not the real actual event taking place.  However, now that it is time to redeem the Jewish nation the Al-mighty uses His 4 letter name Yud, then Hay, Vav, Hay.  This name reflects the actual fulfillment of His promise to the Avos.

We do find that the Al-mighty did use His 4 letter name on two occasions with the Avos.  One is with Avraham, and the second time was with Yakov.  On each occasion it was used for an actual “Now” event.  The Al-mighty uses His 4 letter name when He rescues Avraham from Ur Kasdim, the furnace of fire that Nimrod threw Avraham into for denying idols.  The second time the Al-mighty uses His 4 letter name is with Yakov when He stands guard “Now” over Yakov during the absence of the Angles who would normally protect Yakov.  When Yakov was leaving Israel to go to Lavan, the Angels that guarded him in Israel went back up and new Angels were to come down to protect him while he was outside of Israel.  During the void, before the new Angels came down, the Al-mighty protected Yakov and thus the 4 letter name was used.

We are awaiting Redemption Now.  We saw in Egypt that when Moshe went to Paroh the first time to ask that the Jewish nation be let free, Paroh made it worse and the Jewish people had to collect their own straw to make the same amount of bricks they made without having to collect the straw.  Since the loud talk of Redemptiion Now, –  in many circles and families the Exile has gotten worse.  The economy, the unemployment, and the tragic deaths or injuries of many children and adults in our communities has stuck a sad cord of still in Exile.

The time is Now for the Al-mighty to use his 4 letter name and take us out of Exile.   We have on every household door a Mezzuzah that has the name Sha space dai, Shin, then Daled Yud.  This represents the Hebrew words Shomer Dalsos Yisroel, who guards the doors of the Jewish people.  It is Now time to have the full revelation of His 4 letter name when all our homes will no longer need protection from anything as there will only be good.


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