Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 28, 2009

Vayichee – The End Revealed

This week we conclude the Book of Biraishis with the reading of Vayichee – Yakov living in Egypt.  Yakov living in Egypt is also a symbolic statement of the Jewish nation living in exile and truly living.  This was made possible by Yakov first sending Yehuda to set up a Yeshiva, a place to learn Torah as discussed in the Parsha last week.  However, after the death of Yakov, the darkness begins to settle in.  It will rapidly deteriorate with the death of the last son of Yakov.

Prior to his death Yakov wanted  to reveal when the end of  the final exile would occur and Moshiach would be here.  This was removed from him and we were left in darkness.  This is represented in the Torah scroll by having no space between the end of the previous Parsha and the beginning of this Parsha as is the norm.

The world was first in darkness and then the Al-mighty created light  Had Adam not sinned this light would still be present now.  However, this light was concealed and would be revealed after Moshiach would come.

Vayichee in one way does reveal or shed light on the end of time.  The key to the end goes back to the beginning.  The beginning began with the word Biraishis, and the Hebrew letter Beis.  The entire world was brought into existence with Torah and the light Torah sheds.   As the phrase goes, “The Al-mighty gazed into the Torah and created the world”.

Yakov lived in Egypt, in exile,  for 17 years.  The numerical value of Tov, (Good)  spelled Tes, Vav and Vais is 17.  Tes is 9, Vav is 6 and Vais is 2 for a total of 17.  Though Yakov was living in exile, outside of Israel, his life was described as Tov, good.  Just as Yoseph had survived in the corrupt and immoral country of Egypt and actually rose to the highest position in the land, Yakov, his father and mentor had lived his best life in Egypt,in exile.

This really is the end revealed.  We have the opportunity to live our best lives by taking on the lifestyle of  Yakov and Yoseph during their stay in Egypt.  We have to remain steadfast in our commitment to Torah, the light that energizes the world and keeps the world in existence.  To overcome darkness we have to be involved in Torah.  This is perhaps alluded to in the first letter the Torah begins with, Beis and the first letter the last Parsha begins with Vav.  Beis Vav is the word for Bo, ‘in it”.  This is the key, to be immersed in it, in Torah.


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