Posted by: mosesfromsinai | December 14, 2009

Meekaitz – We Have a Dream

We all have a dream that some day the 3rd Beit Hamikdosh will be restored in Jerusalem.  We are in the week of Chanuka when the 2nd Beit Hamikdosh was rededicated with the Miracle of Chanuka.  This coming Shabbat, the Parsha of Meekaitz, marks the 8th day of Chanuka and the full level of miracles.  Let us hope and pray as we say Al Hanisim that the ultimate miracle and our dream will be fulfilled the building of the 3rd Beit Hamikdosh.

In this Parsha we are presented with the dreams of Pharoh.  They symbolized the seven years of plenty followed by the seven years of famine.  (Moses is asking himself when can he get some sleep and have a dream or two – he has been up for at least a week by now without sleep).  The question is why are dreams presented in the Torah and to such a level?  First we were given the two dreams of Yoseph that his brothers would bow to him (and later his father).  Then we have the dreams of the baker and the butler – bartender.  The bartender was restored to his position in three days and the baker was hanged at the end of those three days.  Two years later Pharoh has his two dreams and awaits a correct interpretation.  One thing we do see that the dreams are in a form of pairs.  The baker had his one dream but he was given the symbolism for the bartender’s dream.  Similarly, the bartender had his one dream and he too was given the symbolism for the baker’s dream.  Thus the baker responded positively to Yoseph’s interpretation and said Yoseph was correct and then asked for his dream to be interpreted.  The bartender knew the final outcome as Yoseph tells the baker that in three days he will be hung and birds will be eating the baker’s flesh(Yuk).  That is how the last Parsha ended along with the bartender forgetting all about Yoseph (nice guy).

Well two years later and the bartender remembers Yoseph now that Pharoh needs a good interpreter.  (The bartender trying to score a few bonus points with Pharoh).  Yoseph is pulled away from jail, cleaned up, and presented to Pharoh.  Yoseph makes a great impression and earns himself the job as Pharoh’s number one Prime Minister.  (Another Jew makes it big as an adviser to the ruler – actually Yoseph sets the system in motion, being actually the first Jewish adviser to a ruler.)  Now in this position, the stage is set for Yoseph’s brothers to come and bow to Yoseph, according to his first dream and then later for his father and the entire family to come and bow to Yoseph, according to his second dream.

Thus it clearly appears from a Torah perspective that dreams have a connection to reality on some level.  (Our problem is understanding what level and to what emphasis to give the dream.)  Even Yakov, when he first heard Yoseph’s dream, did not really discount it.  He told his children to forget about it in hopes of reducing tension and conflict.  Yakov, however, felt there was some truth in the dream and as a result chooses to bow to Yoseph when they get together in Egypt as the dream implied.

Perhaps this is the Torah’s way to encourage us to pursue our dreams, by showing us in the Torah that dreams can indeed become reality.  Yoseph certainly did, and Matisyahu and his sons certainly did.  Both cases brought about a redemption for the Jewish people.   Our dream of having the 3rd Beit Hamikdosh will happen as each day we add a light to the darkness we are in.


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