Posted by: mosesfromsinai | November 9, 2009

Chayai Sara – Living a Complete Life

This week’s portion is called Chayai Sara, The Life of Sara.  In reality, the section begins with the announcement of her death and her husband, Avraham, looking after her burial.  She died at the age of 127.  The commentators point out that she was beautiful when she passed away and without punishable sins.  She lived a complete life.

We noticed that Avraham was given 10 tests and at the final test, the Sacrifice of Yitzchak, it is clear to all that he is a complete Tzadik, righteous person.  When Sara heard the good news, that her husband had completed and passed the 10th test, (and Yitzchak, her son, had passed his test by willfully participating) her soul left her body.  Her mission as a wife and mother was complete.

For the record, Yishmael, Yitzchak’s step-brother, had bragged how he participated in being circumcised when he was 13 years old.  He belittled Yitzchak for being circumcised at 8 days old when he had no say in the matter.  Yitzchak told Yishmael that he would willingly sacrifice his life for the Al-mighty.  Yitzchak’s verbal statement was shown to be true by his willingness to be sacrificed on the alter by his father.

Sara had participated in bringing out the full abilities of her husband, Avraham, and she had instilled in Yitzchak the will to make the ultimate sacrifice in life.  Her life was full and complete.  Perhaps the years 127 hint at that in a different way.  If we add 1 plus 2 plus 7 we get 10, symbolical for completeness  –  as was the 10 tests that Avraham went through.  Judaism also talks about the 3 levels of intellect and the 7 levels of emotions.  Both Avraham and Sara had mastered these 10 levels.

Please note that Moses brought down the 10 commandments which also symbolized, by the Jewish people keeping them, total commitment and complete fulfillment of the Al-mighty’s will.

The reward – in addition to a complete and full life in a body on earth – is the enjoyment of the 400 Worlds of Longing  (almin diksufin )in which the righteous delight in.  This is shown by Avraham paying 400 silver (Kesef – Kuf, Samech Fay – in Hebrew) Shekalim for the burial plot.   The word for “Longing” is also spelled in Hebrew – Kuf, Samech, Fey the same as the word for silver.

Perhaps, as Moses is being taught and seeing all this, by the Al-mighty, Moses concludes that he should use his total capacity (3 levels of intellect and 7 emotional levels) to absorb the 40 days and nights of learning he is going to have. (40 days and nights, total purification, as was the flood, which rained for 40 days and 40 nights and purified the earth once again  x 10, the various levels within each person = the 400 Worlds of Longing – the reward for the righteous who live a full and complete life by fulfilling the Al-mighty’s will).

This Parsha should inspire us to live each day and night with total commitment, symbolized by the 127 years that Sara, a mother of the Jewish nation, lived.  We should utilize our intellectual and emotional capacity to the fullest.


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