Posted by: mosesfromsinai | October 19, 2009

Noach – Surviving the Floods in Life


This week starts off with actually Rosh Chodesh (Mar – bitter i.e. because no yummie holidays) Cheshvan.  On Shabbos we actually blessed the new month and announced the exact day, hour, minute etc., of when the New Moon would appear.  This was set up by Hillel the Tanna.  Many siddurim (prayer bookss) have listed the exact times for each New Moon for years to come based on Hillel.  Given that we still do not have the instruments today to do what Hillel did about 18oo years ago, that makes Hillel quite unique.  Actually Hillel was taught how to do this by his Rabbi, and his Rabbi was taught by his Rabbi all the way back, yep, you got it to Moses from Sinai.  Yes this was one of the items the Al-mighty taught Moses on Mt. Sinai during those 40 days and 40 nights.  I would be the first to admit that it might take me a bit longer than 40 minutes or 40 hours to learn the mathematical method to determine the precise moment the New Moon would appear each month for all time.  One other item to list before moving on to what Moses from Sinai has to say about Noach.  Take a listen to what Bill Cosby has to say on Noah.  Remember Moses was shown the video of this as to everything else that would occur.  (Yep, that might take more than a few hours as well).  Moses also happen to have access to the actual footage from the Al-mighty’s “documentary tapes”. (Cosby is not fully accurate)

Click here to listen to Bill Cosby’s Noah.

(Unfortunate that we cannot have access to the video -Bill Cosby’s facial  expressions are hilarious on their own)

Now on to the Parsha.

The famous commentator, Rashi, raises the question as to why the Ark was coated on the inside with tar and Moses’s basket, when placed in the Nile River, was not coated.  One response Rashi provides from the Midrash is that the flood required that the Ark have a stronger interior lining which the tar would provide.  The second response was so that Moses (the Tzadik – righteous person) would not have to put up with the terrible smell of tar.  (Since Moses was to be in the basket for a brief time – this could work.  Noach on the other hand was going to be in the Ark for quite awhile and the 40 days of flood would be quite intense – thus tar was required in order to remain afloat).  As pointed out earlier above, Moses was shown the actual footage of the future.  Moses saw the various floods that the world and the Jewish people in particular would face,  (flood – meaning the turmoil we encounter in our daily lives).  The Al-mighty taught Moses that to survive these floods (potential and actual turmoils) we need to build an Ark (Taiva in Hebrew, which also means – word).  We have to surround ourselves with words of Torah to survive.  Moses showed us this by actually surviving the 40 days and 40 nights on words of Torah alone.  (Not recommended for your average Jew – we should eat. – However do note that the Jews in the desert ate Mannah from heaven for 40 years to survive.)  There are times in our lives, during these floods, that we may have to use a “tar” to line the interior to survive, as did Noach, so life may not always be pleasant and comfortable.  However, inside that Ark, (the Taivah of holy Hebrew words of Torah) we will survive.


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