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Braishees – In The Beginning

Perhaps I experienced a little bit of the historical Moses at Sinai event.  Shortly after posting the first blog “Moses from Sinai – Braishees” my computer totally crashed.  (The tablets were broken).  It took me a bit of time to save up and replace the computer.  By that time, I decided to wait the year and start again.  So here we are.  I felt that I should make a slight change and not leave the reader with a question.  So this time I will supply an answer to the question posed.

First a little background as to what this blog will be dealing with.  We all know the story of Moses going up Mt. Sinai and spending 40 days and 40 nights.  At the end of that period he came down with the famous Ten Commandments.

The question begs to be asked.  How dumb was Moses that it took him 40 days and 40 nights to learn or memorize the Ten Commandments?

Give it a try.  It should  take you about 40 minutes – tops 4 hours.

So what was really going on up on Mt. Sinai?  The answer – Moses was being taught everything and shown how it can be found in the Ten Commandments and the Torah.

For a simple example.  We just finished celebrating the Holiday of Succot where we take a palm branch, 2 willow branches and 3 myrtle branches together with an Etrog.  No where in the Torah does it say to take an Etrog.

All the Torah says is to take a “Pri Eitz Hadar”- a beautiful fruit.  Yet, no matter what affiliation you have in Judaism we all know that it is an Etrog. That is what Moses was taught on Mt. Sinai.

In Judaism we begin reading the Torah once again from the beginning.  Braishees may be the most difficult section in the Torah.  After all it deals with the Creation of the Universe and Mankind.  Now that might take 40 days and 40 nights to learn – a little longer to understand.

A simple question.  On the 1st day the Al-mighty said: “Let there be light.” What was this light?  It wasn’t the sun – that comes on the 4th day.  I think I will leave you for now in the dark on that question.  But Moses knew the answer because of the 40 days and 40 nights he spent on Mt. Sinai with his teacher – the Al-mighty.

This Blog is going to teach you what Moses learned from Sinai.  Since we may not be as smart it just may take us a little longer than 40 days and 40 nights.  So just hang in – join in on the ride which tradition says may take longer than 40 years to learn – day and night.  Moses was fortunate – he was fast tracked.  And now, as stated at the beginning of the 2nd attemp of Moses from Sinai, a possible answer.

The phrase, “Vayihee Or”, that we translate, “Let there be light”, may very well mean let there be energy, the energy required to form the specific mass of each item to be created in the following days of creation.  Thus the energy required for the sun, the moon, and the stars was formed on the first day and converted into their final forms, mass, on the 4th day of creation.  (A bit of Einstein E=MC2).  It is interesting to note when the Al-mighty brings before Adam every living creature that  He created to see what Adam would name them (Chapter 2, verse 19), Adam indeed provides a name for each and the Bible states that yes, that is indeed the correct name.  Our “caveman” Adam (he was no ignorant caveman) saw the actual energy required in each creature to form its mass.  Thus the Kelev,  כלב (Hebrew letters Chaf, Lamud, Veis) combined to form the animal we know as the dog.  The combination of the Hebrew letters symbolize the energy in each form of mass.  (We know it in chemistry – H2O – water).  Thus Adam had the ability to perceive the energy used in each form of mass that was created.  By the way, this was another item that the Almighty taught Moses on Mt. Sinai during his brief stay there.  Stay tuned and during the next 50 plus weeks we will learn more of what Moses learned on Mt. Sinai.



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