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Bo – Come

In this week’s Parsha Bo – Come, we have the 3 remaining plagues, Locust, Darkness and the Death of the First Born. Finally Paroh will agree to let the Jewish nation go.

There is an interesting concept that one of the prophets will comment on. The fact that the Jewish people did not fully prepare their food for the trip. That is one reason why we eat matzah as there was no time to allow it to rise. Yes the Jewish Nation was told that they were leaving and had plenty of time to call a moving company or U-Haul. (Might have been a difficulty considering they spent 40 years in the desert until they arrived in Israel).

However, the fact that they actually made little preparations, other than what they were told to do by Moshe, shows the faith the nation had developed. Certainly the 10 plagues had an amazing affect on their belief in Hashem and the promise He had made to the Avos, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yakov. It was now being fulfilled.

We in our time have witnessed and read about amazing things that have happened to us over the almost 2000 years of our exile. There are certainly more to come that will increase our faith. May we grow in this Emunah, faith and the exile will soon come to an end as we continue to do positive things in life.

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VaAira – And I Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 10 plagues that occurred in Egypt. This Shabbos is also Shabbos Mivorcheem, the Shabbos we bless the New Month of Shevat.

In the Torah Portion we read about Moshe’s encounter with Pharoh to announce the first plague. This takes place at the Nile River. (Pharoh is going to the bathroom in the Nile River so as people will think he is godlike as he does not need to go to the bathroom during the day like normal people – very nice of him to make a poop in the Nile River) (But then again he was not a nice guy.)

Moshe says “Hi” and begins to tell Pharoh about the Plague of Blood that will affect the water he is in and all the water the Egyptians come in contact with. So Pharoh you better let the Jews go. Pharoh basically tells Moshe to get lost and of course the Nile River and the waters turn to blood.

The Nile River was the number 1 idol of Egypt as their economy, food and literally life depended on the Nile River. This was a clear message that the Al-mighty controls all aspects of life. Of course Pharoh and the Egyptians did not see this aspect.

We often see signs in life. They are a message to us that the Al-mighty is in complete control. It is important that we take note of these messages and use them in our daily lives to walk the correct path in fulfillment of the commandments the Al-mighty has given us.

When we experience a doubt about a certain message it is then we need to seek out our Moshe Rabbeinu, our Rabbi and ask what is it we are to do and then DO IT.

This is a way for are own personal redemption and ultimately the final redemption of the Jewish Nation by properly following the signs. May it be soon.

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Shemos – Names

This week’s Torah reading begins with the 2nd Book called Shemos – Names and in English it is referred to as Exodus.

We find many interesting things in this week’s Torah Reading. One of them is the unusual situation where Moshe, who is sent to redeem the Jews finds things get worse when he meets with Pharoh. The Jews are given more work to do.

This actually is a sign of exile. Things do get worse at times prior to a redemption. We find the expression that things sometimes have to reach a low before they get better. This certainly was the case in Egypt and for us it has happened many times.

Recently the crazy UN with the Jerusalem nonsense. The positive event being that the President of the leading country in the world finally openly acclaimed Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel and the US embassy would be moving there.

This Torah portion Shemos begins our redemption. Chanuka, our Greek redemption, was when the President made the announcement.

Moshe, our redeemer, is raised in the Egyptian’s King’s Palace. That in itself is pretty wild.

We as a Jewish nation have been exposed to many crazy things throughout our history. May we shortly be exposed to the final redemption which may look like the craziest but be the best. May it happen very soon.

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Vayichee – And He Lived

This week we conclude the Book of Biraishis with the reading of Vayichee – Yakov living in Egypt. Yakov living in Egypt is also a symbolic statement of the Jewish nation living in exile and truly living. This was made possible by Yakov first sending Yehuda to set up a Yeshiva, a place to learn Torah.

This week also is the 10th of Teves when our exile takes the beginning steps with the later destruction of the Bais Hamikdosh on the 9th of Av.

In the Torah Reading we find Yakov blessing his children before his death. The final one to receive the blessing is Benyamin, the youngest.

We recently finished celebrating Chanuka a special Rabbinic holiday. The Torah portion now hints at a new Rabbinic celebration from the blessing Yakov gives to Benyamin by the phrase “Vila’erev Yicha’lake Shalal – in the evening he will divide the spoils”. This refers to Mordechai,and Esther, who come from the tribe of Benyamin, will divide the spoils of Haman.

The Torah portion is called Vayichi, even though it discusses the actual death and burial of Yakov our forefather. The Torah lets us know that his best years were the years he lived in Egypt. They were 17 good years. (see MosesfromSinai Vayichee 2009).

Mordechai and Esther also lived under the foreign rule of the Persian King, Achashveirosh. Mordechia, as a member of the Sanhedrin and Esther as Queen of Persia. They both maintained their strong commitment in exile and the Jewish nation benefited from them greatly to this very day.

When in exile we need to make the best out of our lives and this will lead to the ultimate best which will be the building of the 3rd Holy Temple very very soon.

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Vayeegash – And He Approached

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeegash – And He Approached.

In the Torah Reading Yoseph reveals to his brothers that he is indeed Yoseph and he has no negative feelings towards them. This was all part of the Al-mighty’s plan to save the Jewish Nation.

If one will review the life that Yoseph led since he was 17 it is amazing that he has no harsh feelings. Remember his brothers wanted to kill him. They then threw him into a pit. They decided to sell him as a slave. Yep that is very nice. Okay he is alive. He then ends up in jail. Not quite your 5 star hotel.

True he does end up as the viceroy of Egypt. However it does take an amazing individual to look at the positive events and recognize that those that appear negative are part of the program and plan that the Al-mighty sets and controls.

We as a Jewish Nation have encountered very difficult times in our history, the crusades, the inquisition and the holocaust to highlight a few. Yet we are here and still a very special people that do amazing things. We have to focus on the positive and continue with the good things we do in life. This is what will ultimately lead us out of our final exile and to the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

May it happen very soon just as we experienced the wonderful miracle of Chanuka.

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Meikaitz – The End

This week’s Torah Reading is Meikaitz – The End. It is also Shabbos Chanuka. We further will bless the new month of Taivas. Thus a good time for the end of exile and the beginning of redemption. (Worst case scenario is that there are latkes and dougnuts.)

In the Torah Reading we start off with the dream Pharoh has and the release of Yoseph from prison. So to speak an end to his exile-like experience. He now will be appointed Prime Minister of Egypt and get married to Asnas, his niece, the daughter of Dinah. He will have two special children Menashe and Ephraim, who will be considered as part of the 12 tribes when Yakov gives his blessings.

I find one thing that amazes me. Yoseph did not seek to take revenge on the woman, yes his future mother-in-law, who had framed him and had him arrested. She was not happy that Yoseph had rejected her advances while he worked in her house. She did take her revenge by having him sent to prison.

Yoseph, who was now Prime Minister of Egypt, could have done just about whatever he wanted to her as his just revenge.

Perhaps the fact she played the role of the adopted mother of his wife Asnas was sufficient to save her. This indeed was special to take Asnas, the run away, in and look after her.

Thus we can see that perhaps the power of one good deed can save a person from future suffering. When a positive deed crosses our path we should take the opportunity to do it. This will hopefully lead to redemption and the building of our 3rd Holy Temple.

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Vayaishev – And He Settled

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaishev – And He Settled.

In this week’s portion we read that Reuven planned to save Yoseph by having him thrown into a pit instead of the brothers killing Yoseph. Reuven as the first born felt a responsibility and he certainly did not want to answer to his father by being ivolved in the murder of his brother.

Here we see again that Reuven, as a first born, is a person of action. This indeed sends a message that we have a responsibility to step forward when faced with a difficulty or challenge. We need to try and find a solution.

Life presents us eith many challenges. We need to have a positive approach and faith that it wiil work out.

With Reuvain, it did not eork out exactly as planned. The bottom line was that he did save Yoseph. Yes Yoseph was taken out of the pit when Reuven left by Yehuda and the other brothers. They sold him to merchants that were passing by.

When we have a good approach or idea we need to act on it. This ultimately leeds to good things. Let us take positive actions and this will ultimately leed to our redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Vayeeshlach – And He Sent

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeshlach – And he sent.

In the portion we read that Rochel sadly dies at the age of 36 while giving birth to the 12th and final son of Yakov. She had the joy of knowing that her son completed the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Yakov chose to bury her on the way rather than take her to the next closest city.

There are various reasons given. One reason is the nearest city would eventually be in the portion Yehuda would receive. Where she actually passed away and was burried would be the future portion her son Benyamin would receive. Thus in a way she would remain connected to her son she gave birth to even after she passed away.

Perhaps also because she passed away young, and yes in sort of a sad way, she is a powerful voice praying for our behalf and our redemption. She looks foward to the time when she and Beyamin wi)l be physically resurrected with the coming of Moshiach and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple. May it be very soon as we are in a good Hebrew Month, Kislev, when the Temple was rededicated with the miracle of Chanuka.

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Vayaitzai- And He Went Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaitzai – And He Went Out.

In the Torah Readng we have Yakov coming to a well. First obviously for a drink. (No gas stations on the way to buy one at that time). Then the well is a place where special heavenly marriage matches were found. His mother met her future match by going to the well and giving water to Avraham’s servsnt, who was on a mission to find a match for Yitzchak.

And guess who will be coming to this well. Yep Yakov’s bashert, Rivka, his future wife, who he will shortly meet.

At the well there were 3 flocks of sheep waiting to get water. Part of the symbolism here is the well serves as the Holy Temple and the 3 flocks of sheep refer to the 3 festivsls that the Jewish Nation would go to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The well of water also refers to the pure holy Torah that we need to ‘drink’ from.

We are being shown by our forefathers the importance of the wells, the need to have Torah.

By our associating and being involved, near Torah, this will give us life and energy to do the things we and our family need to do

May we merit, through our closeness to the wellsprings of Torah, the 3rd Holy Temple that the well also alludes too.

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Toldos – Generations

This week’s Torah Reading is Toldos – Generations. We will also bless the new moon for the coming month of Kislev which will begin right after Shabbos.

In the Torah reading we read when Yakov is disguised as Esav, the final blessing Yakov got. This is “Orirecha Aroor Umivarachecha Baruch” – “Those that curse you will be cursed and those that bless you will be blessed”.

Throughout our history we have seen that nations that treated us well prospered and the reverse was true when nations treated us poorly things went down hill. Greece, Rome, Spain and Germany are just a few examples.

The same is true for individuals and business companies. To do well, treat the Al-mighty’s special children, the Jewish nation, well.

We as a Jewish nation need to also emulate the good qualities
of Yakov, our forefather, who will later be given the special name that we all are, Israel.

Let us indeed live, work and act in his footsteps until all the nations will bless us and we will have the 3rd Holy Temple.

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