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Chukas – Statutes

This week’s Torah Reading is called Chukas – Statutes. They refer to laws that on their own make no sense.

In the Torah Reading we find an unusual event. The Jewish Nation complains to motion (that was not unusual – Moshe got that a great deal, nebech).
The Al-mighty, however so to speak, had enough. He sent snakes to bite the people and many died. The people realized their error and asked for forgiveness and that Moshe should pray for them to remove the snakes.

The Al-mighty instructs Moshe to make a snake and put it on a pole. All those that will look up at the snake and see it will live. Moshe makes a copper snake and puts it on a pole. It indeed happened that those that were bitten came and looked up at the snake and lived.

This sounds sort of strange. We are informed that it was not the copper snake on the pole but the Al-mighty that cured the individual bitten by a snake. The person looking up was reminded and felt the wrong committed and was asking forgiveness by looking up.

This is a powerful message. Even though the poison was in their system, due to the snake’s bite, they were not affected by it after looking up and repenting and renewing their faith in the Al-mighty.

We too need to learn that even though we may have encountered negative things in our lives, we can over ride them and continue to live, fulfilling the will of our Al-mighty. May we indeed look up, so to speak, overcome the poisons we may have absorbed and ultimately experience redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple

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Korach – Korach

This week’s Torah Reading is Korach. It is also Rosh Chodes Tamuz, the New Month of Tamuz.

In the Torah Reading, we find an unusual test. The Al-mighty instructs Moshe to collect a staff from each of the tribal leaders and one from Aaron. They were then placed in the Temple. The following day Moshe brought them out and only the staff of Aaron had changed. His staff had blossomed and bore ripe almonds. This clearly showed the Jewish Nation that Aaron was the chosen one to indeed be the Cohen Gadol – High Priest.

In our own lives we often have doubts as to what path or paths we should follow. We need to look for the signs that show us what will make things blossom and grow in a positive way. When really in doubt we may need to seek outside assistance from our Moshe and of course we need to pray to be shown the right path and success in our choices.

We begin a new month, Tamuz, and we need to grow in our adding light in a period of darkness as the moon indeed does. Let us choose the correct paths and this will ultimately lead to the end of exile and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Shilach – You Send

The Torah Reading for this week is Shilach – You Send. The sending refers to the 12 spies sent to spy out the land of Israel they were about to enter and conquer.

Also in the Torah Reading towards the end is a very positive and nice comment. When a person commits a sin by accident, he needed to bring an offering as forgiveness and that person would be forgiven by the Al-mighty.

When we, by accident, hurt a person’s feelings we need to seek forgiveness. The person also must recognize that there was no bad intent in the sad act that occurred and be also ready to forgive the person when approached for forgiveness.

We are one family, one nation, and our intentions need to be for the good. We can at times make a mistake and it is important to ask and also receive forgiveness.

This positive bound that we will display will remind our Father in Heaven the love we have for each other and this will ultimately bring out His love for His children with the final redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Biha’aloscha – When You Will Light

This week’s Torah portion is Biha’aloscha – “When you will light”. The obvious concept is bringing light into a world of darkness through Torah and Mitzvos, good deeds.

We find that the Jewish Nation would pack up and travel based upon the movement of the special cloud that accompanied them. The cloud would rest over the Tabernacle and then when the Al-mighty wanted the Jewish Nation to continue their journey, the cloud would move and come to rest at the next stop where the Jewish Nation would then set up shop, so to speak.

In our daily lives we also have journeys to make. It is important that we make these journeys with the concept of fulfilling the will of the Al-mighty. There may be obstacles along the way that we will encounter. For that we may need to ask our Moshe Rabbeinu, our Rebbe or Rabbi as to the correct choice to make.

In this way we will see through the “clouded” issue and do what is correct. By our positive actions we will bring about the ultimate redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple

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Naso – Count

This week’s Torah Reading is called Naso – Count. We will also celebrate Shavuous, the giving of the Torah (10 Commandments) on Mt. Sinai this week.

In the Torah Reading we have the portion where the Al-mighty tells Moshe to speak to Aaron and have him bless the Jewish Nation. The blessings are used to this very day by the Kohaneem.

“May the Al-mighty bless you and safeguard you. May the Al-mighty illuminate His countenance for you and be gracious to you. May the Al-mighty lift His countenance to you and establish peace for you.”

It is very interesting to note that after all the blessings it ends with the blessing to establish peace. Indeed, one may have prosperity, health, food and drink but if there is no peace it is all worthless. Therefore, the blessings are sealed with the gift of peace.

May we indeed celebrate the Shavuous, the Giving of The Torah, followed by true peace with the redemption and ultimate building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Bimeedbar – In The Desert

The Torah Reading for Bimeedbar – In The Desert has a beautiful thought from a major scholar and poseek of our time, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein of blessed memory.

This deals with how the Ark, Aaron Hakodesh was covered when it came time to travel. The items in the Tabernacle were covered first with Tichailes, a turquoise wool whose dye color came from the secretion of a rare amphibious animal known as the chilozan whose exact identity has become forgotten with the passage of time. Then followed by a covering of Tachash hide, from a beautiful multi-colored animal that existed only at that time and then became extinct.

The ark was covered however, first with the Tachash hide and then the Tichailes.

Tichailes and Tachash represent different concepts. Tichailes symbolizes faith in the Al-mighty, for its blue color makes people think of heaven, the place of the Al-mighty’s Throne of Glory. While the Tachash was unusually beautiful and encouraged the enhancement of mitzvos, good deeds, by clothing them in physical beauty.

It is often important to lend esthetic beauty and convenience to the performance of the commandments, so that people will find them more inviting, but at its essence, the performance of commandments must be rooted in faith in the Giver and His Torah. Therefore the visible cover of the Ark must be Tichailes – the call to unquestioning faith in the Torah, which is contained within it. Only then may the other vessels – and other commandments as well – be clothed in Tachash, so that people will find them inviting and enjoyable.

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Bihar – Bichukosy In The Mountain – In The Statutes

This week’s Torah Reading is a double portion. We also conclude the 3rd Book Vayeekra – And He Called and bless the new month of Sivan, the month the Torah was given. In addition, we have also been counting the Omar, each evening leading up to the Giving of the Torah. This week begins with the 33rd day of the Omar – Lag (33) B’Omar (in the Omar). This is a special day of rejoicing. Our period of mourning for some ends, others have different customs. However, according to everyone, the 33rd day of the Omar is a happy time and music is once again permitted.

The 3rd book and the Torah Reading conclude with a reminder that “These are the Commandments that the Al-mighty commanded Moshe to the Children of Israel on Mt. Sinai.” We then will begin Bamidbar – In The Desert. Generally a place void, empty of positive things in life.

The Al-mighty is reminding and instructing Moshe and thus the Jewish Nation to always remember Mt. Sinai and the giving of the Torah – the Commandments. These teach us a positive way to live our daily lives and survive and actually thrive in even a Wilderness. We need to start our day in this mode. We will and do encounter many things to take us off the proper path. Having the constant reminder that we have a special life to lead based on the Torah, give us the ammunition we need to combat the things that may take us away from our objective, to live the Torah life.

We are also reminded that if we indeed live the Torah life we will be blessed and one day soon experience redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Emor – Say

This week’s Torah Reading is Emor – Say. We start off by dealing with some of the laws the Cohaneem, priests, must keep as well as that of the Cohen Gadol, High Priest.

Perhaps this is also a lesson for all of us. The Torah Reading is called Emor, spelled with an Aleph, Mem, Vav and Raish. The numerical value is (Aleph = 1, Mem = 40, Vav = 6 and Raish = 200) 247 plus the word Emor, gives us a total of 248, the number of Positive Commandments in the Torah.

The Cohaneem are reminded that they are holy and they have special rules they must follow to keep their holiness. We have our 248 Positive Commandments to remind us, the Holy Nation, to remain holy to the Al-mighty.

The approach to live up to our responsibilities is by having our leaders, the Moshe in each generation and so to speak in each community “Emor” – “Say”. It is necessary to teach and communicate the proper holy way we are to conduct ourselves. This is the responsibility of “Moshe” our leaders, our educators and our teachers. We need to be guided in doing the correct thing and maintaining our special connection to the Al-mighty so that shortly the actual Cohaneem will once again be employed in their service in the Holy 3rd Temple.

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Acharay – Kedosheem After – Holy

This week’s Torah Reading is once again a double portion. We find ourselves in the midst of studying Pirchei Avos, Ethics of Our Fathers and counting the omer, leading up to the receiving of the Torah.

We find in this week’s Torah Reading the “Big Commandment”. Actually all commandments from the Al-mighty are “Big”, important. However this commandment has some special values. The Commandment is “ViAhavta Lirai-acha Kamocha” – “You should love your fellow as yourself”. The idea of loving a person in the same way you love yourself. Thus one should be willing to go all out for another person.

Most of us our willing to “lend a hand” as the expression goes. The Torah is demanding far more than just “lending a hand” (this is also nice). We are to extend ourselves in the same manner we extend ourselves for what we need in life. This is a very powerful statement and level to attain.

This commandment plays a vital role in our day to day lives in how we relate to other people. It is described as the Number 1 Commandment to strive for. As a parent. when you see someone going all out to assist your child, the affection you have for that person has no limits.

The Al-mighty responds in a similar way. When He sees the efforts we make in our day to day lives helping one another, so to speak a huge smile is formed.
Let us hope that we can create this “huge smile” that will radiate into the building of our 3rd Holy Temple. It is indeed this Commandment, The Love of a Fellow Jew, that plays a major role in our final redemption.

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Tazreeah – Metzorah Conceive-Leper

This week’s Torah Reading is a double portion. It deals with a variety of issues that require purification. Among them are the menstrual cycle for women, a man’s issue, and a strange illness, Tzoras – like leprosy, that comes from evil gossip.

This week begins the new month of Iyar. In Hebrew, the month is spelled Aleph, Yud, then Yud, and Raish. This is a short form for Aleph (Ani or Anochi – I am) the 2 Yuds (one of the short names for the Al-mighty) and Raish (Rofecha – who heals you). This is the month of healing.

In the Torah Reading we again have the Commandment of circumcision on the 8th day for the birth of a male child. We learn 2 things from this repetition. First we must circumcise in the day and not at night and secondly even if the 8th day is Shabbos the Commandment to circumcise overrides the Sabbath. Of course if the child is not fully healthy yet it is indeed delayed.

The concept of making a covenant with the Al-mighty is indeed very important and worthy of repetition. This bond/covenant is implanted in a child as soon as possible. Our priority in life is this attachment to our Creator – the Al-mighty.

This repetition is found in the book of Vayeekra – And He (the Al-mighty) Called. The Al-mighty calls on us as soon as possible to recognize with a visible sign our responsibility to fulfill our obligations and lead a very special life. We both, men and women, need to live up to our abilities that were given to us. In so doing we are indeed a pure person and a pure nation. It is this purity of living up to our abilities that will bring about the final redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple

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