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Bishalach – Sent Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Bishalach – Sent Out. The Jewish Nation is Sent Out by Paroh, finally, from Egypt. It is also called Shabbos Shira, as we sing the famous song, also found in our daily prayers of the Miracle of the Splitting of the Red Sea.

There is an interesting expression, “Action speaks louder than words”.

We find in the Torah Reading when the Jewish Nation sees the Egyptian army behind them and the Yom Soof, the waters blocking there way to freedom, in front of them there is a problem. This causes Moshe to cry out to the Al-mighty. The Al-mighty responds with the statement “Why are you crying out to Me? Speak to the Jewish Nation that they should travel forward.”

In life we sometimes come across apparent barriers which seem to block our objectives in life. When we know what our agenda is, we need to take action and just simply do it with the faith that the Al-mighty will grant us success.

We may be tempted to get bogged down in prayers and complaining and more prayers. This is not the time. When we are faced with the obstacle and know what we are to do, just do it with the faith that Hashem will provide what is necessary for you to succeed.

We need to march forward doing acts of kindness and helping our fellow Jews until the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh will be built and the world will be redeemed. May it be very very soon.

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Bo – Come

This week’s Torah Reading is called Bo – Come. This week is also the week of the new month of Shevat.

In the Torah Reading we come across the Mitzvah of redeeming the first born male. (This was talked about in the Bo of 2016 as Shabbos was the 6th of Shevat, the birth of my first born years ago and this Shabbos is again the 6th of Shevat. ( )

In the same aliyah right after this Mitvah it begins with the question that your child will ask Mah Zos – What is this? (that is also how the Maftir begins).

We respond by telling him that the Al-mighty took us out with a strong hand. This is actually a lesson for us. When we find ourselves in a state of Golus – Exile, inhibited in doing what is correct we need to take a strong approach.
We have to summon our strength and recognize how important this Mitzvah – Good Deed is and see that we overcome the obstacles and do it. By using this approach we will experience a sense of going out of our inner bondage and this will ultimately lead to the future full redemption may it be very soon.

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VaAirah – And I Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is called VaAirah – And I Appeared. This Torah Reading marks the beginning of the 10 Plagues, which sets in motion the ultimate redemption of the Jewish Nation from Egypt. It is also the Shabbos that we bless the New Month of Shevat.

The first plague was Blood. The waters turned to blood. The fish in the Nile River the Torah tells us also died. (The Egyptians were big on eating fish as they worshiped many animals and did not kill them.) (Worry not, Goshen, where the Jews lived, had fish for Shabbos.)

It is interesting to note that during the Flood when all the animals died except those on the ark, the fish were spared. Here the fish are not, so as to increase the hardship of the plague on the Egyptians. There would be nothing positive coming from the Nile.

Remember Paroh used the Nile River to kill the Jewish boys. This could be called a partial payback time. The Red Sea splitting for the Jewish Nation and then the Egyptians drowning would be the later payback.

We find that when the Al-mighty created the fish, they were given a special blessing to multiply. (This would be needed as mankind would catch and consume a great deal of fish). Thus a further symbolism to the Egyptians, by seeing the dead fish, would be just as you are trying to reduce the Jewish Nation by killing off the boys, you will be eventually greatly reduced.

Our history has shown that nations do well when they are good to the Jewish people and when they are not things begin to go downhill.

Soon we will leave our Golus – Exile, just as the Jewish Nation did and then all the good people in the world will benefit as well (and have their fish to eat too).

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Shemos – Names

This week’s Torah reading begins with the 2nd Book called Shemos – Names and in English it is referred to as Exodus. We will also bless the new month of Shevat.

In the Torah Reading we read that Moshe is concerned that the Jewish people will doubt him when he relates what his purpose is. The Al-mighty then asks Moshe what he is holding in his hand. Moshe responds that it is a staff. The Al-mighty then tells Moshe to throw it on the ground and turns it into a live snake. (Hollywood special affects can take a lesson here).

Moshe runs from the snake. The Al-mighty then instructs Moshe to stretch forth his hand and grab the snake by the tail. Moshe does this and the snake reverts back to a staff. (Moshe is ultimately a brave person with great faith to be able to reach out and grab the snake).

This was a lesson to Moshe not to speak bad about the Jewish Nation. He is to use this staff and perform the same event as to show the people that the Al-mighty indeed cares about His nation.

In our long history of exile, we have been shown various signs that the Al-mighty ultimately cares about us. Even though we have suffered greatly as well at times, we have escaped total destruction and succeeded in rebuilding.

This needs to be a positive sign to us that we will ultimately be redeemed from our exile and see Moshiach and the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Vayichee – And He Lived

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayichee. It is the last portion in the first book of the Torah. This week is also the 10th day of the Hebrew month of Teves. This day marks the beginning stages of the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh, the Holy Temple and the beginning of the Jewish exile.

In the Torah Reading we read the blessing that Dan is given, “Dan Yadeen Amo” – that Dan will avenge his nation. This refers to Samson who will take care of the Philistines later in history.

Samson will be able to unite the Jewish nation and bring harmony back. In so doing they will be able to overcome their enemies.

This clearly is a lesson to us. By using proper judgement and recognizing our responsibilities as well as carrying them out, we will bring unity to the Jewish nation and peace to the world.

Indeed Yakov is telling us a way that brings about redemption. We need to work on our Achdus, our unity with ourselves and our brothers and sisters and the Al-mighty and the world we live in.

In this way we shortly will have our 3rd Bais Hamikdosh.

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VaYeegash – And He Approached

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeegash – And He Approached.

In this portion Yoseph reveals himself to his brothers. It is quite a shocking and emotional time. We find an amazing statement from Yoseph. He informs them that they should have no guilt feelings of having sold him to Egypt as this was all part of the Divine plan. Wow

This is truly special. Yoseph is able to see and feel that the events that happen to him are controlled by the Al-mighty and are thus all for the best. Even his being thrown into jail worked out for him as he was able to interpret the dream of the wine butler of Pharoh in prison. The wine butler was released and restored to his position. He was then later able to inform Pharoh who could help him interpret Pharoh’s dreams.

Thus Yoseph has no animosity towards his brother. He has only love and concern and wishes to see that their needs are met.

This is something we all need to learn. The events in our lives are controlled by the Al-mighty. We have to overcome the anger, resentment and other negative feelings that we may have. We have to have emunah – faith, that it is from the Al-mighty and thus it is ultimately good for us though we may not see it.

May we soon be in a situation that we can see that all is good and that indeed all is good with the coming of Moshiach and the building of the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh.

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Meekaitz – End

This Shabbos the Torah Reading is Meekaitz – End. It is a triple header. It is Shabbos, it is Chanuka and it is also Rosh Chodesh. Thus we will be reading from 3 Torahs. Wow, fully packed.

In the Torah Reading we find an interesting and positive concept.

Yoseph had interpreted the dreams Pharoh had. The dreams talked about 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine. Yoseph advised Pharoh to take advantage of the 7 years of plenty and store grain so they will survive the 7 years of famine.

In life we can see at times future negative problems. It is important that we take steps to prepare and save up, so to speak, that we can deal with these problems.

As parents we know that our children will encounter various difficult challenges in life as they grow up. It is imperative that we provide them with the proper chinuch, education to be able to deal with and overcome these challenges.

This indeed is also a preparation for our future redemption. By learning to deal with the challenges we face, it sets the tone for good things. This we also saw with Chanuka. By the Jewish nation taking the proper steps, the Temple was restored and the Menorah lit with the amazing miracle of the oil and light lasting for 8 days.

May we face our challenges successfully, renew our energy as it is also Shabbos Rosh Chodesh, light up the world of darkness and bring the ultimate redemption, with the building of the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh and the lighting of the Menorah once again.

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Vayaishev – And He Settled

This week’s Torah reading is Vayaishev – And He Settled. We also will be blessing the New Month of Taivais.

In the Torah Reading we find an interesting event. The brothers took the special garment that Yakov gave Yoseph from Yoseph after selling him to the caravan. They then dipped it in goat’s blood and brought it back with them to show their father Yakov. This would allow Yakov to come to his own conclusion without them saying anything further. (They did not have an updated crime lab in those days for Yakov to determine that this was not Yoseph’s blood.)

Yakov indeed went into a state of mourning that lasted until he say Yoseph 22 years later.

Perhaps one reason was that Yakov felt responsible for the death. He had thought Yoseph would be okay on the mission Yakov sent him, namely to see how his brothers were doing. (Okay spy on his brothers). That was not the case. Perhaps even his brothers had killed him. Until he saw Yoseph alive, 22 years later, he lived with this guilt.

His children saw their father in this state of mourning and thus this perhaps was one of the things that changed their feelings towards Yoseph. When they will meet Yoseph again in Egypt they will no longer have animosity toward him.

They even went to the trouble of searching for him when they came to Egypt.

This event is sort of how our lives are at present. We are in exile encountering various difficulties. There has indeed been real blood on our garments. It is time that we as a Jewish nation unite as the brothers all eventually did.

We have been in exile for too many years and it is time we be redeemed. The pains we all experience will then no longer exist.

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Vayeeshlach – And He Sent

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeeshlach – And He Sent.

In the Torah Reading we learn that 400 men accompanied Esav. For this reason Yakov was concerned there may be a war between him and Esav. This, Boruch Hashem, did not happen and their encounter was peaceful.

When it comes time to leave it only mentions that Esav left and no mention is made of the 400 men that accompanied him.

During this time the 400 men somehow were influenced by Yakov and his family and opted to abandon Esav and his negative ways. Perhaps just watching how Yakov’s family and workers interacted in a good way was enough to have an affect on them. This we know in our own experience. People watch us and see and respect us if our actions are positive and good. In this way our day to day lives can make a big Kiddush Hashem and have a nice impact on the people we encounter.

These 400 men were later spared by King David as recorded by Shmuel Hanavi.

Indeed we see that our lifestyle can greatly affect those that live around us. It can prolong life by causing our neighbors and others to lead proper lives.

Let us work hard to live the proper Jewish life affecting those around us until the coming of Moshiach and the 3rd Beis Hamikdosh.

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Vayaitai – And He Went Out

The Torah Reading for this week is Vayaitzai – And He Went Out.

In this week’s Torah Reading we read about the famous blessing “Vihaya Zarecha Kaafar Haaretz,” and your children will be like the dust of the earth, “Ufaratzta Yama Vakaidma VitTzafona Vanegaba” you shall spread to the West, East, North and South, “Vineevrichu Vicha Kol Mishpichos Hadama Uvzarecha”. and through you and your children all the families of the earth will be blessed.

This is a powerful and amazing blessing and indeed it has been shown that those that treat us good are blessed.

We however do have our responsibility to bring light into the world we live in whichever part that is. We do know that we may face resistance. Comes the special holiday this month of Kislev called Chanuka. This also helps serve as a reminder that our mission is to light up the world with purity. This is symbolized by the pure olive oil that the Menorah required.

Yakov is told that he will be blessed and indeed he and his children will eventually light up the world. He can live in an environment that is very negative as was the case with Lavan and yet have wonderful children. Yes when Yoseph is born it is time to leave. But let us not forget that it is the teenager Yoseph (17 years old when he is sold to Egypt), that survives and blossoms in Egypt (exile). This is due to the Torah he learnt with his father. Just as Yakov was able to survive when he went to Lavan having learned 14 years prior in the Yeshiva of Shem ViEvar.

While we are still in exile, we need to continue with our mission of lighting up the world and getting ready for Moshiach and the 3rd Holy Temple as well as the actual kindling of the lights on our special Temple Menorah.

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