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Lech Lecha – Go For Yourself

This week’s Torah reading is called Lech Lecha – ” Go for Yourself”. It is a vital Parsha (section) in that Avraham is selected as the chosen and promised the land of Israel. (And so the problems in the Middle East began). Actually, in the same Parsah there is indeed a war between the 4 kings and the 5 kings, a total of 9 nations. ( Historians should note that the Jewish nation was not the cause for that war either). But Avraham did get involved later to rescue his nephew Lot from the victorious 4 kings, which Avraham had to defeat to accomplish the rescue. Even then Avraham had to publicly announce that he would take no spoils from his victory. (He was concerned that the UN or perhaps CNN might complain that Avraham benefited financially from the war and money was his true motivation – so thus he announced openly to all the people that he would take nothing and left only with the freedom of his nephew Lot). It is hard to imagine the problem even existed then.

In the Parsha we read near the beginning that Avram and Sari took with them, from Charan, their nephew Lot and all their wealth and the souls they made in Charan, to travel to Canaan.

The expression “the souls they made in Charan” is unusual. There are 2 different explanations given. One is that this refers to the people Avram and Sari had influenced to become true believers and join with Avram and Sari. The second is that these were actual maids and male servants that they had purchased.

From the first explanation we see how influential Avram and Sari were in the community they lived in, Charan. This perhaps is a sign for us. We, who are descendants from Avram and Sari, need to also be very positive in the communities we live. Our actions need to have a good affect on our neighbors and those we encounter. This plays a vital role in our mission in life. We, through our positive actions, will prepare and ultimately bring about the 3rd Holy Temple and a world filled with peace and proper service to the Al-mighty. May it be very very soon.

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Noach – Noach

The Torah reading for this week is Noach, the story of the flood and the family that survived by building and living in an ark. This week also begins the new Hebrew month called Mar(bitter – as there are no holidays) Cheshvan

Noach spends a 120 years building his company called “Noach’s Cruise Line”. We see that it was popular because as it began to rain hard, the people were lined up to buy a ticket to get on. Unfortunately for them it was limited to Noach and his family. For entertainment, Noach provided a zoo, that he of course along with his family had to look after for an entire year.

Also in the Torah Reading is a unique sign that the Al-mighty gives to mankind. As noted this week begins the New Hebrew Month. This is when the moon begins to once again shine, an amazing occurrence that the Al-mighty created.

In this Torah Portion the Al-mighty brings about the importance of the rainbow and how that it serves as a reminder for mankind to mend their ways. The Al-mighty will not bring a flood to again wipe out all mankind, but there are times when areas are ravaged by rain and floods. The world needs to use this as a reminder to improve their ways. One positive thing does occur in the world after a flood and that is countries chipping in to help out with those sadly affected by the flood.

Perhaps this indeed serves as a reminder how we are to conduct our lives in a positive caring way.

May we, the Jewish Nation lead a caring life and also the world that we live in should act in this mode. This will help bring the ultimate redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple

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Braishees – In The Beginning

We will be dancing during the week of Braishees with the Torah, celebrating Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah. This is always a great way to start the Torah reading and learning from the beginning.

In the Torah Portion we find the first Shidduch, match making, Adam with Eve. Granted it is a bit unusual. Okay there was only 1 woman to choose from. But indeed Eve was special. Okay she made a mistake, perhaps we would call it a big mistake. But we were not in her shoes (not sure if she wore shoes or if she did, whose company they were from as there were no shoe companies yet). (Oh, was just informed that they both were without clothes – China was not yet in business).

She is punished and her punishment affects all women of today. Part of it is the pain and difficulty of having a child.

What we do see is that the woman, despite the possible pain and other issues, wants to have a child. Her desire overcomes the obstacles she will have to face.

This is a major lesson. We all have obstacles that we need to overcome. Even if some may cause pain we need to push forward and defeat these problems we confront. In our victories, we will ultimately feel good and this will lead to the final outcome of all our obstacles being gone with the coming of Moshiach and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple, may it be this year.

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ViZos Habracha – And This is the Blessing

The Parsha of ViZos HaBracha is read on Shemeenee Atzeres/Simchas Torah and not on a regular Shabbos. In the Parsha there are various blessings that Moshe gave to the children of Israel just prior to his death. The blessings are indeed so powerful and beautiful.

Among the blessings is a unique blessing to both Zevulun and Yissachar. Zevulin is blessed to be successful in his business ventures and Yissachar is blessed to be successful in his learning.

Zevulun and Yissachar formed a partnership where Zevulun would conduct the business and support Yissacher in his Torah learning.

This is actually a very appropriate relationship that the Jewish community needs to have. The awareness that those that are blessed in the business world to assist the day schools and yeshivas for those that are immersed in learning.

This special bond will help to ultimately bring the final blessings of entering the Land of Israel and the 3rd Holy Beis Hamikdosh.

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Ha’azeenu – Give Ear

The Torah reading Ha’azeenu = “Give Ear” is the last weekly portion read on Shabbos. The final portion, Vizos Habracha – “This is the Blessing” is read on Shmeenee Atzeres – Simchas Torah.

In the Torah Reading we find a very important phrase, “Zechor Yimos Olam” – “Remember the days of yore”. We are reminded to remember our past and learn from them. Wow is this a powerful statement and lesson. If indeed we would look at the past and learn from them, how life would be much better.

We often say ‘forget it, that was then not now’. Yes sometimes that may be true but before we act, it is important that we examine the situation well. Often what happened in the past can be avoided by a change in our actions. If we continue to drive on the same path we are bound to see the same problems. It is a sign that we should choose a better direction.

Life is filled with many daily events. We need to learn from them how to best react and live our proper daily lives.

Indeed by “Remembering the days of yore” we will be motivated to improve our lives in such a way that shortly we will see the 3rd Holy Bais Hamikdosh and be united with Moshiach in Jerusalem. May it be this New Year we have entered.

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Vayailech – And He Went

The Torah Reading for this week is Vayailech – And He Went. It is also Shabbos Shuva, the Shabbos before Yom Kippur where we are focused on returning to the Al-mighty by avoiding the negatives and doing the positives in life.

In the Torah Reading we read that Moshe informs us that we have been rebels against the Al-mighty and will be so in the future.

This is very powerful. Moshe is saying that we have a tendency to rebel against the Al-mighty. Perhaps this is one reason why we read this Torah portion before Rosh Hashona or Yom Kippur. This is a wake up call to not be a rebel. We need to repent and do the will of the Al-mighty. It is certainly with in our ability to repent and the beauty is that the Al-mighty will forgive us.

We are approaching Shabbos Shuva which then leads shortly into Yom Kippur, a day of repentance. We should use this week remaining, after having celebrated Rosh Hashona to remove the areas of rebellion and want to do what is expected of us.

In this way we indeed will be sealed for a special blessed year and hopefully the building of our 3rd Holy Temple.

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Netzaveem – Standing

This week’s Torah Reading is called Nitzaveem. It alludes to the concept of standing before the Al-mighty on our New Year, Rosh Hashona. Nitzaveen is always read before Rosh Hashona, alone or combined with the next Torah Reading.

In the Parsha we read, that what is being asked of us is not impossible to do. In life we often get that feeling that this or that is impossible for me. Generally speaking if it is thrown your way there is a way to accomplish the mission.

We are a nation that has survived many amazing events. This in itself is an indication that we can accomplish great things. We are indeed standing before the Al-mighty even after all these many years that have included tragic events to our people.

This should be actually an encouragement that the mission is very possible and near completion. We stand before the Judge of the entire world waiting and praying for the final Redemption. May it be this coming year.

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Ki Savo – When You Will Come

This week’s Torah Reading is called Key Savo – When You Will Come (into the promised land of Israel).

This week also contains the birthdays of two very famous Rabbis, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Chassidus and Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad. This takes place on the 18th of Elul, Wednesday.

We then have 12 days until Rosh Hashona, where each of the remaining days can be used to find redemption for each of the 12 months of the year. This we should take advantage of by ensuring that each day is filled with good days and regret for the past negative deeds.

In the Torah portion we read that when building an alter to perform sacrifices on it you should use complete stones and not partial stones. This is an important message in our day to day lives.

Each day and also many times during the day we are called upon to make various types of sacrifices. Our natural tendency might be to go about it in a lackadaisical way. Not put our full and proper effort into what we are facing or doing. The Torah is telling us that when dealing with sacrifices we need to use a complete stone, we need to give it full and proper effort and time.

With this approach we will soon merit to have our 3rd Holy Temple where we will be able to have our Alter and bring the proper sacrifices.

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Ki Taitzai – When You Will Go Out

In this week’s Torah Reading, Key Taitzai – “When you go Out” (to battle), there are numerous Positive and Negative commands. The actual count is 27 Positive commands and 47 Negative commands, for a total of 74 commandments. Fully pact to perhaps get us ready for the New Year coming up.

We find an interesting concept for men in the army. When you go out to do battle, you should guard yourself from all types of evil. Often we hear of stories from other armies that do indeed perform evil acts. We as a holy nation must abstain from such type of behavior.

This concept can also allude to the idea of our daily battles in life. Each day when we exit our home, kiss the mezzuzah as a reminder that the Al-mighty will protect our goings and comings, we have an obligation that our activities be pure.

This is indeed a difficult challenge with the type of world we live in. That perhaps is why when going to battle out in the world, we need to be full of Mitzvos, commandments, as a reminder and to give us the strength to overcome the battles we will face in our day to day lives.

May each day be one of victory until the ultimate victory which is Moshiach coming and the building of our 3rd Holy Temple.

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Shofteem – Judges

This week’s Torah Reading is called Shofteem – Judges. We also have entered the special month of Elul, the month before Rosh Hashona, the New Year. We begin to add prayers and also blow the Shofar after the morning prayers. This is a special time to renew our connection to the Al-mighty and to receive a positive judgement for the New Year.

In the Torah Reading we find that we should not offer a blemished animal or bring somthing bad as an offering. This is a life lesson.

When we are involved in anything we should see to it that we are doing that which is proper and has no ‘blemish’ or is bad. Our actions, our emotions and our thoughts should not have a blemish or be bad.

It is important, the Torah tells us, that when we do something it should be positive. If are actions will be on a positive side than this will bring closer the ultimate redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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