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Meikaitz – The End

This week’s Torah Reading is Meikaitz – The End. It is also Shabbos Chanuka. We further will bless the new month of Taivas. Thus a good time for the end of exile and the beginning of redemption. (Worst case scenario is that there are latkes and dougnuts.)

In the Torah Reading we start off with the dream Pharoh has and the release of Yoseph from prison. So to speak an end to his exile-like experience. He now will be appointed Prime Minister of Egypt and get married to Asnas, his niece, the daughter of Dinah. He will have two special children Menashe and Ephraim, who will be considered as part of the 12 tribes when Yakov gives his blessings.

I find one thing that amazes me. Yoseph did not seek to take revenge on the woman, yes his future mother-in-law, who had framed him and had him arrested. She was not happy that Yoseph had rejected her advances while he worked in her house. She did take her revenge by having him sent to prison.

Yoseph, who was now Prime Minister of Egypt, could have done just about whatever he wanted to her as his just revenge.

Perhaps the fact she played the role of the adopted mother of his wife Asnas was sufficient to save her. This indeed was special to take Asnas, the run away, in and look after her.

Thus we can see that perhaps the power of one good deed can save a person from future suffering. When a positive deed crosses our path we should take the opportunity to do it. This will hopefully lead to redemption and the building of our 3rd Holy Temple.

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Vayaishev – And He Settled

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaishev – And He Settled.

In this week’s portion we read that Reuven planned to save Yoseph by having him thrown into a pit instead of the brothers killing Yoseph. Reuven as the first born felt a responsibility and he certainly did not want to answer to his father by being ivolved in the murder of his brother.

Here we see again that Reuven, as a first born, is a person of action. This indeed sends a message that we have a responsibility to step forward when faced with a difficulty or challenge. We need to try and find a solution.

Life presents us eith many challenges. We need to have a positive approach and faith that it wiil work out.

With Reuvain, it did not eork out exactly as planned. The bottom line was that he did save Yoseph. Yes Yoseph was taken out of the pit when Reuven left by Yehuda and the other brothers. They sold him to merchants that were passing by.

When we have a good approach or idea we need to act on it. This ultimately leeds to good things. Let us take positive actions and this will ultimately leed to our redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Vayeeshlach – And He Sent

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayeshlach – And he sent.

In the portion we read that Rochel sadly dies at the age of 36 while giving birth to the 12th and final son of Yakov. She had the joy of knowing that her son completed the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Yakov chose to bury her on the way rather than take her to the next closest city.

There are various reasons given. One reason is the nearest city would eventually be in the portion Yehuda would receive. Where she actually passed away and was burried would be the future portion her son Benyamin would receive. Thus in a way she would remain connected to her son she gave birth to even after she passed away.

Perhaps also because she passed away young, and yes in sort of a sad way, she is a powerful voice praying for our behalf and our redemption. She looks foward to the time when she and Beyamin wi)l be physically resurrected with the coming of Moshiach and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple. May it be very soon as we are in a good Hebrew Month, Kislev, when the Temple was rededicated with the miracle of Chanuka.

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Vayaitzai- And He Went Out

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaitzai – And He Went Out.

In the Torah Readng we have Yakov coming to a well. First obviously for a drink. (No gas stations on the way to buy one at that time). Then the well is a place where special heavenly marriage matches were found. His mother met her future match by going to the well and giving water to Avraham’s servsnt, who was on a mission to find a match for Yitzchak.

And guess who will be coming to this well. Yep Yakov’s bashert, Rivka, his future wife, who he will shortly meet.

At the well there were 3 flocks of sheep waiting to get water. Part of the symbolism here is the well serves as the Holy Temple and the 3 flocks of sheep refer to the 3 festivsls that the Jewish Nation would go to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The well of water also refers to the pure holy Torah that we need to ‘drink’ from.

We are being shown by our forefathers the importance of the wells, the need to have Torah.

By our associating and being involved, near Torah, this will give us life and energy to do the things we and our family need to do

May we merit, through our closeness to the wellsprings of Torah, the 3rd Holy Temple that the well also alludes too.

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Toldos – Generations

This week’s Torah Reading is Toldos – Generations. We will also bless the new moon for the coming month of Kislev which will begin right after Shabbos.

In the Torah reading we read when Yakov is disguised as Esav, the final blessing Yakov got. This is “Orirecha Aroor Umivarachecha Baruch” – “Those that curse you will be cursed and those that bless you will be blessed”.

Throughout our history we have seen that nations that treated us well prospered and the reverse was true when nations treated us poorly things went down hill. Greece, Rome, Spain and Germany are just a few examples.

The same is true for individuals and business companies. To do well, treat the Al-mighty’s special children, the Jewish nation, well.

We as a Jewish nation need to also emulate the good qualities
of Yakov, our forefather, who will later be given the special name that we all are, Israel.

Let us indeed live, work and act in his footsteps until all the nations will bless us and we will have the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Chayai Sarah – The Life of Sarah

This week’s Torah Reading is Chayai Sarah – The Life of Sarah. Though it begins with her burial, her influence lives on as seen in the Torah Reading.

When it comes time to find a proper wife for Yitzchak, Avraham makes it clear that Yitzchak is not to leave the holy land. Avraham was able to as was Yakov, the son of Yitzchak.

A reason given is that being offered as a sacrifice, Yitzchak’s body had attained a very special level of holiness. Thus he was not able to leave Israel.

The land of Israel indeed has a special level of holiness. Thus we find that certain commandments are only applicable in the land of Israel.

A further level of distinction Yitzchak had, was the factor he had only 1 wife. This wife was the first Jewish shidduch in our long wonderful history.

From this Shidduch you can see the importance of finding a proper mate. Rivka knew that Yitzchak was the son of her relative, Avraham. Thus she had a sense of the special level that Yitzchak was on. Rivka passed the amazing tests she was presented

Thus this was a special match.

May we all merit to have our specisl match and soon together witness the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Vayaira – And He Appeared

This week’s Torah Reading is Vayaira – And He Appeared.

In the Torah portion we read about the 2 angels coming to Sodom. One is to destroy Sodom because it is so wicked and one is to save Lot who is not such a bad guy. (He also has a pretty good uncle, Avraham, who tried even to save the whole city. There just were not even 10 descent people in the entire city. Now that is really bad).

Two angels are needed because an angel can due only one mission. We humans, however, can perform many good missions and so we should just as Avraham and Sarah did.

We find that the angels meet Lot right away as Lot is by the gate entrance to the city at the evening. One of the reasons given why Lot is there is to see if there are any travellers coming so that he can provide hospitality to. This good trait he learned from his uncle and aunt, Avraham and Sarah. This is certainly one of the reasons he is saved.

Again we see how important it is to assist people. It can not only be lifesaving for the person receving the help, but even the one providing the assistance can have their own life saved.

May we continue to do good deeds, helping others until the day will soon come when all of us will be helped and saved with the coming of Moshiach and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Lech Lecha – You Go

This week’s Torah Reading is Lech Lecha. In the Torah portion we read about the founding Patriarch, Avraham, and Sarah, the founding Matriarch of Judaism. They are indeed very special.

We find toward the end of the Torah Reading a major concern that Avraham has. He is childless. Who will carry on the special ways that Avraham and Sarah have of impacting in their place of living when they are gone? The Al-mighty shows Avraham the numerous stars and assures Avraham it will be good.

What we clearly see from Avraham,who sets the tone, that we need to be very concerned about who will continue our positive impact we have.

This tells us a major priority is to see that our children get the special education to shine beautiful light in the world we live in.

Let us see to it that this is so and thus build a postive world ready for the 3rd Holy Temple

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Noach – Noach

This week’s Torah Reading is called Noach. Shabbos is also Rosh Chodesh – The New Month of Mar Cheshvan – The bitter (Mar) month of Cheshvan for we no longer have any holidays and sweet honey as a must on our menu.

In the Torah Reading we find 150 days mentioned twice. The first time refers to the time, days, the rain continued. The second time the 150 days are mentioned refers to the number of days it took for the waters to subside and allow the ark to come to rest on the mountains of Ararat.

There may be a thought we can learn. The first 150 days refer to the first to letters of the Al-mighty’s name, the Yud and then the Hay. The numerical value of yud is 10 and hay is 5 for a total of 15. There are 10 various levels in the sefiros, worlds. Thus the total is, 10×15, 150. The rain removed the impurity that the world had acquired since creation. The second 150 days may refer to the spiritual input that was given to the world to return it back to its positive original state.

We need to be aware that our actions, though they may seem at times to be minor, play a role in the impact they have on the world. Our positive actions create positive energy and our negative actions create the opposite. We need to focus on filling our lives with positive energy and thus the world will be filled with positive light that will lead to the final Redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Braishees – In The Beginning

This week’s Torah Reading is called Braishees – In the Beginning. The Torah portion is read, this year, immediately after Simchas Torah where we read the final Torah Reading, ViZos HaBracha – And this is the Blessing. Thus we start off from the very beginning right after we have ended on a happy note of blessings and dancing.

Toward the end of the Torah Reading Noach is born. Lemach, his father names him Noach, implying that he will bring comfort and rest to mankind.

When Adam was punished for eating the forbidden fruit, he was sent out of the Garden of Eden to work the ground. The ground was not very co-operative and man had to work very hard during Adam’s lifetime. After Adam passed away,just when Noach was born, things got easier. Furthermore, Noach had a degree from the “engineering university” of that time and invented the farming tools that made life easier.

Thus from the very beginning Noach had a very positive impact on the entire world at that time. This would of course increase in the following Torah Reading.

We can learn from this to try our best even at a very early age to have a good affect on the community we live in and hopefully this will lead to the ultimate positive affect of Redemption and the building of the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh.

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