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Shofteem – Judges

This week’s Torah Reading is called Shofteem – Judges. We also have entered the special month of Elul, the month before Rosh Hashona, the New Year. We begin to add prayers and also blow the Shofar after the morning prayers. This is a special time to renew our connection to the Al-mighty and to receive a positive judgement for the New Year.

In the Torah Reading we find a very unusual event. It states that if a person hates his neighbor and conceals himself and plots to kill him and indeed does so he will not find salvation in the cities of refuge. Those cities were designated for deaths caused by accident and not premeditation.

We might be tempted to have pity on this person that plotted and actually carried out the murder. We might think and feel that one person has already died isn’t that enough. The Torah is telling us that for this type of person, who plans and carries out an actual murder we are not to have mercy on. This killer has proven he is a danger to society by his behavior.

There are times we have to take a strong stance to protect the quality of life in our society and in our own family. The Torah is telling us that even though compassion is generally a good trait, when it can harm your community or family it must be set aside.

The portion is called Shofteem – Judges and it reminds us in life that we, at times, are all called upon to judge how to respond to various acts.

Let us make the correct decision with Torah as our guide.

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Ri’aih – See

This week’s Torah Reading is Ri’aih – See. It is also the Shabbos that we bless the month of Elul, a month that we have to examine and look at our deeds we did or did not do for the year that is quickly ending. Soon it will be Rosh Hashona – The New Year and we have to make amends to receive the proper blessings.

In the Torah Reading towards the end it talks about if one sees a needy person we should not harden our heart or close our hands in helping. You should try to assist the person.

This is a very important concept. We need to first be aware of our surroundings and the people we encounter. We have to be of a mindset in helping people when we can.

When we show an awareness for people in need this in a sense opens up the Al-mighty to recognize a need that His Jewish children have. Let us hope through our positive actions and our concerns for those who need help the Al-mighty will provide the ultimate help we need and take us out of exile.

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Aikev – Heel

This week’s Torah reading is called Aikev – “The Heel”. It is an excellent pep talk that reaches to the bottom of our heel so to speak. It is very encouraging and positive in many ways.

The Torah reminds us that when we feel in our heart that the situation we face is too difficult, we need to have the faith that we can overcome the challenge we face. The Torah asks us to remember when we were in Egypt with Pharoh and things looked impossible and then when we were at the Yum Soof, yet this was all dealt with by the Al-mighty for His chosen children, we the Jewish Nation.

We can be wandering in a barren hot desert, where there are snakes and scorpions for even 40 years and feel like we are (almost in Miami in the 5 star glatt kosher and cholev Yisroel hotel – okay make that) in the 5 star Jerusalem hotel). Truthfully it was even better.

Remember that is why many years ago the 10 out of the 12 spies did not want to leave the desert to enter the land of Israel. (Again note they did not even have to leave any tips in the desert so better than a hotel, where tips alone can cost you a small fortune).

However, we, this generation is indeed looking forward to entering the promised land. We anxiously await the final redemption and constantly pray for the building of the 3rd Temple even more than the 500 plus times (515) Moshe prayed to enter the land of Israel. May the Al-mighty soon fulfill the promise of our final redemption.

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Vaeschanan – And I Pleaded

This week’s Torah Reading is called Vaeschanan – And I Pleaded. This week also has the historical event of the destruction of the Holy Temple on the 9th of Av, this year on Tuesday. This Shabbos is also referred to as Shabbos Nachamu, the Shabbos of Comforting – the destruction and loss of the Holy Temple.

In the Torah portion we read, we find that Moshe took the opportunity to fulfill one further deed. He set up 3 cities on the east side of the Jordan which they now possessed to be cities of refuge. (No not for illegal immigrants but for those that accidentally killed someone).

Moshe’s actions are a lesson to us. He finished his words of rebuke and his words of encouragement to the Jewish Nation. When he finished he then quickly performed this special deed of setting aside the 3 cities.

We need to constantly look to do mitzvos. Even after we have completed one important task or mitzvah we should be looking to fulfill another one. This we learn from our leader and teacher Moshe Rabbeinu.

May we merit to fulfill our mitzvos in a very positive way and ultimately bring Mosheach, the 3rd Temple and Moshe Rabbeinu in our midst.

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Devareem – Words

This week’s Torah Reading begins the 5th book called Devareem – Words. This week is also the beginning of the month of Menachem Av. This is the month that our Temples were destroyed and our exiles, including this one, began.

Among the various instructions given over is the way the Jews are to treat Esav’s descendants and their land. The Jewish nation was required to request permission from them and also to buy drinks and food from them. This goes back to a promise the Al-mighty made to Abraham that 10 territories would be for Abraham; 7 would belong to Israel and the other 3 would be for Esav and Lot.

It is interesting to note that the Jewish Nation was to also inform Esav’s descendants that they would be purchasing food from them. Thus it would be beneficial for them to allow the Jewish Nation to pass through and do business with them.

Did the Jewish Nation need to purchase anything? Not really all their needs were supplied by the Al-mighty. (Thus they did not need to go to Public’s or Safeway and the other supermarkets for food and drinks, nor did thy have to go to the shopping malls to buy clothes)- ( No – Amazon on line was also not yet in business). The Jewish Nation had the best line of shopping (not Best Value) the Al-mighty directly. Their food, water, clothing and lodging were all provided by the Al-mighty. (A 5 star hotel service – and yes even then we complained – wow, amazing).

The purpose of informing the descendants of Esav and for us to shop was to do the proper thing when passing through a land that is not ours. We indeed learn from this to be pleasant and proper in a journey when we travel. In our travels it is important that we make a positive impact on the people we encounter. This translates into a big Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying the Al-mighty by His chosen children, the Jewish nation acting especially nice on their journeys and to the people they encounter.

May we soon once again begin our final journey to redemption brought on in part by our proper actions.

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Matos – Masii Tribes – Journeys

This week’s Torah reading is a double portion. Matos – Tribes, followed by Masii – Journeys. This also concludes the 4th Book of the Torah called Bamidbar – In the Desert. It is also Shabbos Mevorcheem, the Shabbos we bless the new month which is Av. May the new month, Av, be finally one of revealed blessings.

In the Torah reading of Matos we find the rules of how to kosher vessels. Namely those used for cold could be koshered by rinsing good with cold water. Those used for boiling would require boiling and those used by fire would require fire.

Perhaps this may help us in our daily approach to life. When dealing with issues we need to use the proper energy that the problem presents. To do less will not resolve the problem or correct it or make it “Kosher”. In our day to day battles we need to see to it that we bring the right utensils, that is the proper Torah requirements. In this way we indeed will be successful.

May we face our day to day challenges with great success and that will ultimately lead to the building of the 3rd Bais Hamikdosh.

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Pinchas – Pinchas

This week’s Torah Reading is called Pinchas. The 17th of Tamuz, the beginning of the 3 sad weeks leading up to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem on the 9th of Av, occurs this week as well.

In the Torah Reading we find that the children of Israel are again counted. In the counting it does mention that Dasan and Avirum, the 2 that gave Moshe a hard time in life and participated in the rebellion led by Korach, died by having the earth opening up and swallowing them along with Korach. It then goes on to mention right away that the sons of Korach, however, did not die. Though they also were part of the revolt at the beginning, they opted out and repented.

This is an amazing piece of information. It is said in a brief form but carries a strong lesson for us. In life there may be things that we at first start off with that may be very negative. We at first join in and participate. The Torah teaches us that we can correct that horrible situation through repenting and no longer being involved. This we need to keep in our minds as we go through life.

Very often people get pulled into improper things and once in, believe there is no way out. Not true. There is a way out but the person needs to take that first step. Once having done that, he will be forgiven and can lead a beautiful life. This also leads to the ultimate redemption by correcting those mistakes that need correction. May we succeed in our endeavors and shortly experience the redemption and building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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Balak – Balak

This week’s Torah Reading is called Balak. He was a King who hired a talented Bilaam to help defeat the Jewish Nation. It did not work out, Boruch Hashem.

In the Torah we read, on Bilaam’s third attempt to curse the Jewish Nation, a line he said that we incorporate in the very beginning of our prayers.
“Mah Tovu Ohalecha Yaakov Meeshkinosecha Yisroel.” How goodly are your tents Yaakov your dwellings Yisroel. This was a positive statement that came from Bilaam’s mouth when he saw the beautiful modesty the Jewish people lived by.

Here was Bilaam, looking for negatives so he could curse the Jewish Nation and was overwhelmed by the sight of positive, beautiful modesty he witnessed the Jews living by.

Unfortunately we are indeed a nation in exile with enemies still. It remains, however, for our actions to be very positive so that even they, our enemies, are overwhelmed by our special, positive behavior. Today in an era of instant news we need to be scrupulous in all our actions to see that they are beautiful sanctifications of the Al-mighty.

This will ultimately lead to where we will have our 3rd Holy Temple and no further enemies.

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Chukas – Statutes

This week’s Torah Reading is called Chukas – Statutes. They refer to laws that on their own make no sense.

In the Torah Reading we find an unusual event. The Jewish Nation complains to motion (that was not unusual – Moshe got that a great deal, nebech).
The Al-mighty, however so to speak, had enough. He sent snakes to bite the people and many died. The people realized their error and asked for forgiveness and that Moshe should pray for them to remove the snakes.

The Al-mighty instructs Moshe to make a snake and put it on a pole. All those that will look up at the snake and see it will live. Moshe makes a copper snake and puts it on a pole. It indeed happened that those that were bitten came and looked up at the snake and lived.

This sounds sort of strange. We are informed that it was not the copper snake on the pole but the Al-mighty that cured the individual bitten by a snake. The person looking up was reminded and felt the wrong committed and was asking forgiveness by looking up.

This is a powerful message. Even though the poison was in their system, due to the snake’s bite, they were not affected by it after looking up and repenting and renewing their faith in the Al-mighty.

We too need to learn that even though we may have encountered negative things in our lives, we can over ride them and continue to live, fulfilling the will of our Al-mighty. May we indeed look up, so to speak, overcome the poisons we may have absorbed and ultimately experience redemption and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple

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Korach – Korach

This week’s Torah Reading is Korach. It is also Rosh Chodes Tamuz, the New Month of Tamuz.

In the Torah Reading, we find an unusual test. The Al-mighty instructs Moshe to collect a staff from each of the tribal leaders and one from Aaron. They were then placed in the Temple. The following day Moshe brought them out and only the staff of Aaron had changed. His staff had blossomed and bore ripe almonds. This clearly showed the Jewish Nation that Aaron was the chosen one to indeed be the Cohen Gadol – High Priest.

In our own lives we often have doubts as to what path or paths we should follow. We need to look for the signs that show us what will make things blossom and grow in a positive way. When really in doubt we may need to seek outside assistance from our Moshe and of course we need to pray to be shown the right path and success in our choices.

We begin a new month, Tamuz, and we need to grow in our adding light in a period of darkness as the moon indeed does. Let us choose the correct paths and this will ultimately lead to the end of exile and the building of the 3rd Holy Temple.

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